Begin typing a sentence erases the sentence just in front of new s

I finish typing a paragraph and then decide to fit a new word or short
sentence inside the paragraph. As I start typing the new sentence, the old
sentence in front of where I am typing begins to delete, letter by letter.

There must be a setting for this but I cant find it.

Thanks in advance.

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When i want to add a few words to the middle of a sentence, the words in
front of my cursor are deleted as I type the new words in. This only happens
every so often but every time it does I find no cure and resort to restarting
me computer. I've looked through the help wizards and all that jazz but I
can't find anything related to this. It's really ****ing me off. I've got
Word 2003.

Andrew J. Morse

I've used the brochure template from Word 2000 and for the front page have
inserted a photo which I've watermarked. I've superimposed a title in front
of the photo but when I print the brochure the title is missing.

I notice this on my Vista/Word 2007 setup but not on my XP/Word 2007 setup.
So the bug may or may not work on your setup. If you DO notice the bug, can
you let me know your OS? I am trying to determine if this is a Vista combo
with Word 2007 issue. Or is anyone else out there familiar with this bizarre

This is really neat. Try it:
1.Open new Word 2007 doc.
2.Make sure you have the Auto Correct option for replace straight quotes
with smart quotes turned ON. (Smart quotes ON)
3.Type: This is a "test".
4.Make sure they are smart quotes around test.
5.SELECT (highlight) the space between the a and the first quote.
6.Hit the delete key from your keyboard.

On my VISTA machine, the space won't delete if you HAVE IT SELECTED. (you
may delete it by un-selecting it placing the cursor in front of it and
deleting - but that isn't the point). You should be able to highlight the
space and delete it.

This bug will not happen if you have smart quotes turned off. I also noticed
the same behavior if brackets [] are used instead of the quotes.

Another interesting thing is if you have a tab character instead of the
space in front of the smart quote, if you SELECT the tab and delete it with
the keyboard key, it will replace it with a space. If you have the tab
somewhere else not in front of the smart quote, it will delete the tab
without replacing it.

Like I said, this does not occur on all configurations...It is happening on
two Vista/WORD2007 machines here - but not my XP/WORD2007 machine.

Any thoughts?

How do I set the Word Arts or any graphics property as default to In Front of
Text in MS Word 2003? It's annoying everytime I insert a picture or word
art, everything on the page shifts below. Previous versions of Word will put
the graphic in front of text automatically.

How can I type a letter with the Russian cyrillic alphabet in Word?

When I type a sentence and use “period” “space bar” at the end the program
opens the menu that you get when you click on the word icon at the top left
of the window.

Now this doesn’t happen all the time. Crazy, No? So does anyone have any
idea what is going on here and how to fix it? I have tried the repair feature
under Help, I have uninstalled and reinstalled. What next?

For some reason or another, Word will decide to start deleting my text when I
type in front of it. Meaning, I already have a sentence typed, like "My name
is Ashley," and if I try to change it to, "My first name is Ashley," the word
'name' starts to delete itself as I type the word 'first'. How the heck do I
stop this? I've tried saving the file, closing out of it, and then opening
it up again, but that won't work! Ahhh! What do I do?

Do I need special software to type a letter using the POLISH alphabet.

Where can it be purchased and what is the approximate cost.

When saving a file in Word using 'Save As' a pane opens that asks 'Save In:'
How can I add a location to the five offered (My Recent Documents, Desktop,
My Documents, My Computer and My Network Places).
Thank you.


I know how to do page numbering. But since I am writing a book, each
chapter will start numbering all over again from page 1. So in order not to
confuse stuff, chapter 1 pages must be A1, A2, A3, etc,,,Chapter 2 pages
must be B1, B2, B3, etc... So basically I need to know how to autonumber
pages but put the same letter in front of each number. Can any kind expert
give me a step-by-step?


I have Windows 2003. After I type my letter, I go to Print Preview but it
only shows the top 2/3 of the letter... the bottom 1/3 isn't there. I go into
Page Setup. I see the paper (letter) is correct with portrait sleected. When
I say OK it states: One or more margins are set outside the printable area
of the page. Choose the Fix button to increase the approporiate margins: Fix
or Ignore.

When I choose Ignore, there are no changes; part of the letter is still
missing. When I choose Fix, it changes only the Bottom margin from 0.25" to
4.2". Help!


I have a user whose Word keeps popping up in front of other windows while
nothing is being done on here computer. She's using Word 2003. I don't have a
clue where to start with this one.

It's occurred 4 time so far, each time, Word popped up while she was in
another window. It's been different windows too. One time it was IE, then
Outlook, and even another Word document. Word has been open in each instance
when it occurred.

She has not been typing or using the mouse at the time. The most recent
instance she was proof reading a Word document, when the other Word window
jumped to the front (she had two Word docs open).

Nothing has been installed on her machine and there have been no major
changes or problems recently.

I'd be very grateful for some suggestions on this problem.

Thank you,


How do I add a new page in front of page one and or change the order of the
pages in a long document?

I'm working with a Word Document and in front of and behind all trademarks it
is placing a "pp" in font size '1', and in front of and behind all underline
marks it is placing a "uu". Obviously they aren't that visible when just
working with it - until I print it out, or enlarge it to see why it is giving
me a spelling/grammer error. I can go in and find/replace, but why is it
doing it in the first place?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Some of my saved word documents have the "tilde" and a dollar sign in front
of them and the saved document name has been altered. When I open them there
is no content. I did figure out that if I rename them to their original name
some will open with correct contents, not all though. Even after doing this
the Word icon is still very light colored, not like it should be. Any help
with this would be appreciated. I am running Windows XP Pro SP1 with
Microsoft Office XP Pro 2002.
Thank you in advance for any help...

I am putting together a quiz, but I really need to know how to make a square
in front of the answers for a multiple choice question.

How can I add a folder to the left hand side of an Open dialog box? There
used to be an option "Add to favorites". I now have Office 2007 and can't
find this option.

When I select a Business Card template, it is composed of tables on a Word
Doc. How can I sucessfully place clip art on top of a Tabled-template. I've
tried clicking on "Drawing", click on "Text wrapping", then click on "In
front of text". I've tried everything from the Drawing button, and nothing
worked. Each time I try to put the clip art in to each business card, the
clip art disappears. Help

I have Office 2003 and am attempting to merge MSExcel data into a Word
document. I have been working through the problems associated with formats,
however, there is one that I can't seem to resolve. Sometimes the merged
numerics that appear in MSWord have a zero in front of the number, e.g. 056
or -078. This only occurs when the actual number in the Excel spreadsheet is
less than 100 and also only seems to occur when the data in Excel is the
result of a formula, e.g. "=A3+B3". When data is merely entered as a numeric
value, e.g. 57, it appears as 57 in Word, not 057. Suggestions would be
helpful. Thank you