Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privilege

My main HD recently crashed but I save all of my documents on a second HD. I
got a new HD and installed windows 2000 pro on it. I have Office XP and when
I try to open some of my old documents I get the error "Word cannot open the
document: user does not have access privileges"

I have tried taking ownership of the files, they are encrypted (although I
never did this to them I guess it's just defalut) and I am unable to decrypt
them. I've tried taking ownership and decrypting in safe mode as well as
normal mode, both times logged in a administrator. the files were created
under a different user (with administrator permissions) on my old windows
2000 pro setup.

if anyone has any ideas on where to go from here I would really appriciate it.


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When I was trying to open up inserted object in my word file, I received the
following message:
Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privilege

So, anybody could help me to solve this problem.



I have used these documents many times before and now when I try to open, I
get the message: "word cannot open the document: user does not have access

I have a client who has some files created by an ex employee that they cannot
open. The error message is "cannot open document: user does not have access
privileges". Ex employee states she did not restrict the document and she no
longer has files on her computer. Client did copy the files from her
computer to another computer and sold her the old computer. Both systems
were using Word 2003 and Windows XP Professional as the operating system.
Does anyone know of a work around to allow access to these files. I did find
something on expert exchange about file audit rights but did not understand
the reference.
Jim C

posting to the Word newsgroups would help

While sipping a glass of wine, I read that wrote in

I am using Office Word 2002. At work I have Office 2003 which allows
you to set up a passcode to protect your documents. Word 2002 doesn't
allow this but nevertheless it can open such documents. I have a lot of
memos and documents on my personal computer that are password

Two days ago, I started receiving this message if I am to open any of
these documents: "Word cannot open the document: user does not have
access privileges" Why is that? I am the Admin on my computer.

This is really bad because I've been working on some memos for days and
really cannot lose them.

Can anybody help? I run Windows XP.


Somehow several documents have suddenly become inaccessable with the message:
"Unable to open document: user does not have access privileges." No
restrictions were set. The files were fine one day and the next couldn't be
opened. Can anyone suggest a solution please? Thank you.

I was typing letters, saved them, printed them and saved them again all in
one day. The next day I moved all the letters into a new folder, then tried
to access them and got an error message "word cannot open the document: user
does not have access privileges."
I am the only user of this system as it is on a private laptop computer.

I have multiple files that I have saved but every time I try to open one they
give me this error: "word cannot open the document: user does not have access
privileges (C:...FirstExam2303Topics[1].doc)" This is just on example that
I get each time I open a file. I do not have Norton and I have uninstalled
Symantec. These are very important files and I cannot even move them, to
possibly transfer them to a different computer. Any suggestions?

After a hard drive failure, I had to re-install XPPRO, OFFICE 2003, etc.. Now
when I try to open a document in Word, I get a mesage that the user does not
have access privileges.
Under document and settings, I did use a different name. Any help would be
greatly appreciated



User1 is the only user on my PC. I can link Excel 2003 spreadsheet to a Word
2003 doc but after than I am unable to access it from Word. Get error messae
saying "word cannot open the document. User does not have access
privileges". Have tried every way of rectifying this to no avail. Please

Editing a microsoft Equation Editor expression give the error message "Word
cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges."
I am having NO success trying to edit a simple equation in Word or
This also happens with other inserted objects eg excel chart.

I have no problems carrying this out on my work computer and previously on
this home computer. I have wasted hours on chasing this including
reinstalling Office.
Can anyone help? I would be forever grateful.
Thanks, Dennis

i downloaded a calendar from microsoft word hamoe but when i want to run it
in my computer shows this dialog :
word cannot open documnet:user does not have access privileges
i disabled Norton office plugin, disable and shut down all of Norton but i
have this error yet. what i should do?

After the last time I saved my document--completed it, and went to open it
again, I get the pop-up "Word cannot open the document: user does not have
access privileges." I never assigned privileges or blocked access in any
way. No message says the doc is corrupt. I've been through all the 5 or 6 MS
methods and none work. Someone please help. Hours of extra work involved
Remember, YHWH God is always blessing you. Receive it. Pass it on.

I,ve installed microsoft office 2003 to use microsoft word. My operating
system is microsoft XP service pack 1. My proccessor is AMD 3200+ 64 bit.
I can write an euation using microsoft equation 3, but when I want to edit
it, an error messege appears on the screen says: "Word cannot open the
document:user does not have access privileges!".
Tell me how I can solve this problem.
Best regards

I recently reinstalled by Win XP Pro and also reinstalled Office 2003. The,
I started to use it. I don't remember what I did during installation. Now,
whenever I insert an object such as Excel. It allows me to insert the Excel
object and create the spreadsheet within Word. However, as soon as I exit
the object (Excel). It shows the spreadsheet as a grid table. When I double
click in an attempt invoke excel with Word to make change to the Excel
object, it prompts me an error msg: "Word cannot open the document; user does
not have access privileges"

PS: This PC on has one user ID to login and the ID is also the admin can do

Can someone please tell how can correct this problem s.t. I can edit an
embeded object ?


I am trying to open a Word doc. created on my computer, by me. I know I did
not deny access to it, but in trying to open it, I get the following error
"Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges.

What??? I created it! I'm logged in the same as I do every day. Help! I
really don't want to create this again.
I have a "love/hate" relationship with computers - I love them, they hate me!

We share files on a network and when one of my co-workers creates a file it
is read-only when opened on my computer. This does not happen when another
co-worker opens up the same file. I am running XP, they are running Windows
97. Would that make a difference? I know I am set up with administrator
privileges for my computer.

As I write this questions he created a form and I got this message when I
tried to open the file: Word cannot open the document: user does not have
access privileges.

Any thoughts?


I used to be able to double-click Excel worksheets that were in my Word docs
and edit them. Now I get an error message "Wod cannot open the document:
user does not have access privileges".
How do I fix this problem?
I recently installed a home wireless network. Does this have something to
do with the reason I can't open the worksheets?

Igot an error in word "word cannot open the document :user does not have
access privilage"

Around christmas I backeupd my files, so that I can upgrade my pc w/ new mb
and cpu. Before I did that, only one (word doc)file was encrypted through
properties dialog box. Also, I put a password on to it when I open it with
Word 2003. I backed them on a Maxtor One Touch 4 Mini 120 Gb drive using the
accompanying software. Well, now I can't decrypt it and every time I attempt
to open it with word it says "word cannot open the document: user does not
have access privilages". Also, the other word docs in the same folder have
the same properties and encryption, only not by me. I have searched the ms
supoort for secuirty and user settings. I also changed "ownership" of those
files. I cannot open, rename, copy or move those files. Delete is all I can
do to them? How do I get back privilages to access them? I went so far as to
change the "name" of my computer to the original "name".