table and page numbers in footers

In converting ms word 2002 document into .pdf it turns out the table in the
footer and/or autopage numbering (had to remove table and remove frame around
autonumbers) were causing random page breaks, text shifts and page numbers to
repeat randomly. Why would this be?

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I am using Information Mapping software format for creating a User Guide and
I am having problems inserting chapter numbers with the page numbers in my
Table of Contents. The field code is toc o "1-4" h. I have managed to
include the chapter numbers and page numbers in my Footers by using seq but
this does not work for the TOC

Hello I need to figure out how to place the Chapter number of a document in
the header of a document and just the page number in the footer. I can see
how to put the chapter and page number in either the footer or header but not
a way to separate the to.

hi, i am facing problem with page numbers in footer. when i am customizing
the page numbers they are not coming in order. if i change one page number ,
some other page number is also being changes as the other. how can i change
the page numbers?? please help me.

I need to put the report name on the left side in the footer and the page
number on the right hand side of the footer on all pages except the first
page in a document for work. However, when I put the page number in, the
report name, which was entered first, disappears and if I put the page number
in first and then the report name, the page number disappears. Any

I have a chapter that has multiple (37) tables and I've added a "Table X,
continued" header to tables that extend beyond 1 page. In these cases, I've
selected "Different First Page" option to be able to keep my original title
with the original caption.

I've noticed that on the page with the first page of the table that the page
number in the footer does not display (likely because I have "Different First
page" selected). How can I use the header feature to label my Tables (with
different first page) and keep my page number display in the document?


I'm using the section breaks etc to format pages numbers.

For example: if the section header is A. then the page will have a page
number A-1, A-2, B-1, B-2, etc.

However instead of letters I'm using Roman Numerals. I've never seen I-1,
II-2, etc. I also think that is harder to read.

And alternative i've seen is using the initals of the header. For example
Some Pages as SP-1, SP-2, SP-3. But i don't see how this could be done.

I'm basically looking for ways i can do this without doing the I-1, II-2
since that looks foreign to me and harder to read in my opinion.

If i could say "Section 1, page 2" that might me ok. Any ideas or suggestions?

Does anyone know how to get both hyperlinks and page numbers in the table of
contents. I can only get one or the other

I want to include page numbers in the footer of my word doc. However, I want
the numbering to start at 1 but want to start numbering at page 3 because the
first two pages are teh title page and T.O.C. Does anyone know how to do
this? Thanks in advance.

I just started a new job and inherited the updating of the "dreaded manual".

A few problems:
1. This company sometimes deletes a whole page from the manual because that
page is in regards to a specific client, which no longer needs to be included
in the manual. However, some of the deleted pages contain a heading which
needs to remain in the Table of Contents (TOC). Of course, when the page is
deleted it removes the Heading from the TOC. Is there another way to set
this up with the TOC, or should I be using a different tool?

2. They want certain headings to appear in the TOC, but not in the body of
the document. Any suggestions?

3. The page numbers in the text body are messed up. I have four Page 1's -
and it looks like each Page 1 is appearing after a Section Break (Next Page).
How do I fix that?

Any solutions?! -Max

I have a large document. It contains only three sections. The first section
is comprised of three pages, the Title Page and the TOC. The second section
is all of the chapters of content, and finally the third section is the
Appendix. The first section does not contain page numbers in the footer. The
second and third sections do contain page numbers in the footer in the
following format "page x of y". I restarted the page numbers on page 4 (at
the beginning of section 2). It worked for the "x" number which begins on
page 1. However, the second number, "y" in the example above, did not restart
and still counts all pages from the title page through the end of the
document. I think I've seen this happen before several years ago, but I
cannot remember how I fixed it at the time.

I am using MS Word 2007. This document was originally a MS Word 2003 doc and
was converted to the MS Word 2007 format.
Martha V.

The page numbering in the footer of my document is as follows: Page 1 of 6,
page 2 of 6, page 3 of 6, page 3 of 6, page 4 of 6, page 5 of 6. I tried
removing a page break in the document but all that did was change the
numbering on page one to page 2 of 7, and so on. This also removed the
header and added a page to the end of the document. I did not create this
document so I have no idea what formatting was originally applied. I also
tried linking the footer to the previous but this doesn't work either. What
am I missing here?

This used to work in Word 2000, but in 2003, the footer page number will not
bring in the chapter number with the page number (e.g., 1-1, A-1). Here is
what I have done:
1. I've made the Heading for the chapter a Heading 1 style that is based on
an outline numbering format. In the Heading, the chapter + number appear as
automatically generated text (i.e.,"Chapter 1" is a field code).
2. When I go to insert the page number in the footer, I select the Insert,
Page Numbers command and click the Format button.
3. I select the Include chapter number check box, set the Chapter starts
with style as "Heading 1", and set the User separator "- (hyphen)," and set
the Start at option at "1" in the Page numbering group box.
4. When I click OK, I receive an error message: "There is no chapter number
to include in the caption or page number. To apply chapter numbers use the
Bullets and Numbering command on the Format menu and select a multilevel list
style that is linked to the Heading styles."

I've already set the Section to Heading 1 as explained in step 1 above. I'm
not sure what step I'm missing in this process, but it wasn't this difficult
previously to get that Chapter number into the footer with a hyphen before
the sequential page number.


Windows XPP SP2

Office 2003 SP1

When printing in duplex, I would like to use page numbering in the footer, on the "outside" margin containing both the page number and the total number of pages, e.g. in the format 1 (12), or similar.

In Word, it's easy to use the command, Insert - Page Numbers - Position: Bottom of page, Alignment: Outside. But, this command only enters the page number, not the number of pages, and as far as I can see, there is no option for this either.

As Word inserts the page number in a frame, I've used this Insert - Page Numbers command, then through View - Headers and Footers, positioned my cursor in the frame and added the Insert Number of Pages into same, and, in my case, the two brackets, thereby getting an acceptable result.

I can, of course, go straight into Headers and Footers, enter the Page Number and Number of Pages command, but how do I get these positioned at the outside margin? Is there a function for this, that I've missed?

There must be some easier way of doing this than my primitive way of doing this, as described above?

Grateful for any suggestions.

Eric G

Stockholm, Sweden

I am trying to create an Index where the starting page numbers of the
sections may change - can I use a hyperlink (or something similar) so that
the page number in the Index always shows the starting page number of the
section, even if the section above gets expanded?


I would like to set page numbering in the footer for all new docs. Can
someone tell me how to set this up.

I have a document with the page number in the footer. However, one of the
pages changes from portrait layout to landscape layout. On this page, the
incorrect number is shown, but the correct number is shown on all the pages
thereafter. I tried to just change that footer from the actual page number
autotext to just typing in the number, but then this changes all of the
footers on the proceeding pages. Help? How can i fix this?

I am attempting to add page numbers in my footer. I sucessfully added the
date - but when I select to add the page numbers - the following prints on my
document. page of page number.

Strange - because when I do a print preview the page numbers show correctly.
(Example - 1 of 3 etc)

Thank you so much

I have a document that i want to put a ToC in. I got the ToC for the "main
body" of the document. I want to add other material, namely other documents
at the end, as apendicies.

herein is the problem. I don't want to insert the extra documents into the
orgininal doc, nro do i want to cross reference them. (this is due to the
pages not being of a "insertable" type. Namely Autocad Drawings and Program
listing from a ladder logic programming language.

Is there a way to manually edit the page numbers/ToC to do this, or should i
just try to manually creat a ToC and page numbers?

I've inserted page numbers in a section. The numbers display on the scree but
don't print. I'v edone this before without any problems on other documents.