What is a file permission error when saving a Word doc?

Today, when trying to save a Word document, first on a USB stick, then on our
hard drive, I get an error message saying: "Word cannot complete the save due
to a file permission error." - then the file path. I am then asked if I
want to try and save again. If I say no, it assigns ~WRL name to it. If I
say yes, I can rename the file.

However, if I say no and don't do anything, a few minutes later I get
another dialogue box saying: "There is an unrecoverable disk error on (temp
~WRL # it has assigned). The disk you're working on has a media problem that
prevents work from using it. Try the following: *Try formatting another disc
or *Save document to another disc. This is while I am working on our C drive.

I can't seem to find any help on this problem.

Of course this happened to a completed proposal I'd been working on for a
couple of weeks!

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I am trying to save a word document I am working on and after I hit save I
get the message "file permission error". What is this? and how do I fix it?

Ive been trying to save a document on my flashdrive and word does not
complete the save due to a "file permission error? What is this and how do i
"Fix" it? thanks

When using a USB flash drive with Word, at times I get a 'file permission
error' when trying to save a document. The drive is only about 20% full, but
if I delete some other Word files, then I can save the new file. This happens
with an existing Word file that I have previously created and saved, and then
edited and then used the 'SaveAs' command to rename it and to save it. That's
when I get the 'file permission error'.


I get the "Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error"
when saving a document in word 2007 on windows vista. The file is being saved
to the desktop and not to a removable drive. The timing of the error seems
random, sometimes it works and other times I get the above error. I am using
sophos 7.6 and found the following article relating to it
(http://www.sophos.com/support/knowle...cle/46352.html) however this
only applies to windows vista (no SP) and I have SP1. Anyone had any
experience with this or have any advice on things to try?

Why do I get a file permission error when I save a document? I'm usigg
Vista and Word 2007. This only happens sometimes.

Every time I try to save in Word 2007, I now get an error msg of "Cannot save
due to file permission error". Just started occuring since last week. What
can this be and how do i fix it?

Whenever I try to save to a flash drive from within Word I get a file
permission error and the document cannot be saved. If I save the document to
the HD, then try to move it over to the flash drive, I get "Cannont copy
(document name): The directory of file cannont be created.

Please help, this is getting so frustrating.

I have tried four different brands of jump drives. They work fine for a few
months, then suddenly I get the message that Word cannot save to the drive
due to a file permission error. The drive is not full -- by a long stretch.
Other items can still be saved to the drive, such as pictures. Why does this
happen after a few months, and can it be fixed? Does it matter that I use 3
different computers at work and home?

Please help me fix this problem. I have no idea what a "file permission
error" is... I've been using Office 2000, I still am using Office 2000 and
this is the first time i've seen this. I was trying to save to a 1.44 meg
floppy. The file is 224 k. Please tell me why i can't save this file. (By the
way, the disk has 1.11 megs of used space)

I have a PC and I recently started using Microsoft Office 2010 (Beta).
Everything was fine until today, when everytime I tried to save a file (in
word) it looked as if I had clicked on the Save As button. When I clicked on
OK to saving it to te same name (I thought it would replace the old one),
this message came out: word cannot complete the save due to a file permission
error. I changed the location of the file and then I was able to save it.
Some of the files are .doc and others .docx, but i don't know if it has
something to do with it. Thank you for your help!!

I often get the message "Word cannot complete the save to to a file
permission error" when I try to routinely save a document. Is there something
wrong with my settings somewhere? I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks.

Suddenly I'm receiving the message "Can't save due to a file permission
error?" when I try to save the same type of letter in files that I've always
saved to. Any idea on how to correct this?

I received a message saying "word cannot complete the transmission due to a
File Permission Error" when attempting to save an updated file to my Zip
Drive. I saved others, and the disc is not up to its capacity. Help.

trato de guardar los documentos y lo que sale es este mensaje: world cannot
complete tehe save due to a file permission error. que pudo hacer help me,

I get a "word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error" when i
try to save some of my word2002 documents to another drive. Any suggestions
as to how i can solve this problem?

I get the "Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error"
while opening from the hard drive and saving back to it. I've recently
started using Word in Office 2007; previously I was using the Office 2000
version where I never saw this message. As far as I know, I haven't been
doing anything different.

I receiving File Permission Errors when saving a word document
How do I stop this?

Occasionally, a Word doc (either docx or compatible doc) will refuse to save
due to "file permission error" and the workaround is to rename the file and
save. This always happens when editing an existing document, never a newly
created one, I think more often w/ docs that i have revised 3 times. This
is worrisome because this was an increasingly frequent symptom before a crash
& a total reinstall of Windows a month ago. After that the problem did not
occur until now, and it is getting more frequent. Not again please! It
happens when saving to the c drive or anywhere in the file structure, not
using removable media. I did NAV2009, malware scans. Word 2007, XP home SP2,
updates current.

We are using Word 2007, SmartArt, with our students. I have had many students
get the error message "Word can't complete the save due to file permission
error" when they try to Save. We can rename the file and it's fine, but what
would be causing the error in the first place. This is happening with several
students, on several different SmartArt layouts, and we can't seems to
replicate or predict when it will happen. Any help/insight would be

(Apologies for the double post from 2005, but we can't get any replies to
show up on this post for some reason.)