My cursor jumps around while typing in Word or Outlook

My cursor jumps around while typing in Word and/or Outlook. I know I'm not
hitting arrow keys, home/end/pageup/pagedown. I am using a laptop and I have
verified that the touchpad is not causing the problem. Is there a problem in
Word that causes this to happen? If so, is there a way to fix it? Thanks!

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While typing in Word, an hourglass appears every 5 seconds or so (saving?).
Everything that is typed during this lag is not reflected on the screen. I'm
not sure why this is happening. I have checked the auto save and backup save
options and they appear normal. Could this have something to do with memory?

when typing in word or my email my cursor often jumps around
on the page to a different line or section???


Whenever I type in word or messinger the cursor jumps all over the place. I
don't not have the touch pad active?

While typing in Word, typing will stop in middle of sentence and I have to
reclick on the word document to restart typing. Why is it doing this? Thanks

does any one know how to remove autosave while typing in word 97 I don't know
if it is autosave, but while I type in word the hour glass keeps appearing
every few seconds.


Can anyone please tell me any option or utility that will randomise the font
while typing in word. I want the font not to be same in whole document. I
want the font to switch between Arial and Times New Roman, randomly.

Thanks in advance

Does anyone know what changed? Printing in Word or outlook produces a save
as window? What's up with that?

When i am typing in Word 2002, if the pointer/cursor is somewhere on the
screen away from where i am typing, all of a sudden the pointer or cursor
becomes active and i find my self typing somewhere else on the screen or the
pointer activates and causes what it is pointing at to function. Please help,
this is soooo frustrating and i can't find an answer on technical
support........ feel free to e-mail responses to

"Jay Freedman" wrote:

If you're using a laptop with a touchpad below the spacebar, try to keep
your thumbs clear of the touchpad -- it's interpreting an accidental touch
as a mouse click. You can see if the Control Panel has a way to reduce the
pad's sensitivity.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP FAQ:

bill wrote:
While typing in Word or Outlook the cursor suddenly jumps to a new
location. It seems to consistantly go to where the I-Bar is located.
Anyone know of a fix for this?

I'm running Windows XP Professional and Office Professional Edition

I have the same problem, but I am not touching the touch pad. Besides, I can't even find the touchpad in my control panel to turn it off!

When I try to type in Word, write an email my cursor will jump back into the
middle of the text whilst I am typing.
Why does this happen and how do I prevent it?

When I type in Word or Outlook 2007 or even this Internet Explorer form on my
laptop, my cursor jumps to different lines or another part of the same line
for no reason as I type and it is quite the pain. Any idea what causes this?
I have Office Professional 2007 with Windows Vista. Is this the operating
system or Office 2007?

Help! When I type in word, or online, the page keeps "bouncing" up and down
as if trying to constantly center the sentance line. this is making me crazy!

the page keeps bouncing and distracting my work. Help!!!!

When I am typing in Word or Outlook, using a Microsoft keyboard, I frequently
get gibberish instead of the words I am typing. I can back out of the
program and go back in and then the typing returns to normal.

This started to happen after I installed SP2 on my XP-Pro computer and was
instructed to update Outlook from 2000 to 2002.

What I want to achieve is normal English spelling instead of gibberish.

When typing in word 2003 and outlook 2003, files will be shut down
automatically without any explanation. Even no reply fr. Microsoft after the
repeating problem occured.

the cursor seems to move to a different spot in the document while i type in
Word 2007 and so my text is typed in the wrong spot and i have to go back and
delete it. i have checked for macros, as i thought it might be problem, but
none are set. there doesn't seem to be any consistency about when it happens
(like it is not just when i am typing certain letters). it is most

EVERYTIME I am typing a message or working on a letter in Word 2007, the
cursor will jump to another sentence. Has anyone else experienced this and
what is the solution?

I am an experienced MicrosoftWord user and have been having problems with the
cursor automatically moving --either to the paragraph that has been typed
earlier or to a few words before-sometimes in the middle of a word. If I am
replying to an Outlook message, it will often start moving my typed words to
the original message. In fact, I have had constantly re-do the typing in
this message. The following is what I have to deal with: And I am not dee
Ifew times. ssage a s mehave had to re few times-do even thi

Perhaps there are some keyboard shortcuts that I am inadvertenly hitting
while typing fast. If so, how do I delete them.

While typing on my laptop in Word or Outlook, my cursor suddenly jumps to
some other portion of my document. It did it two times while typing this
short message and is very annoying.

Please help.