How do you set inkjet printer settings to make a transparency?

I'd like to print on ribbon and I've read in order to do this I should use
double stick tape to put my ribbon on paper but that I need to change my
printer settings to transparency so that it doesn't lay down as much ink and
smear on the ribbon. However, when I go into my printer settings, I can't
find anything for a transparency. I am using a HP Office Jet Pro 1150C.

Thank you for your help.

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how do i print onto card stock to make a standup sign ,i've typed my document
in word

Hi all,

How do you get the total cell to total in Service Invoice with hr.s template?

I have been using this Word template for quite sometime and have often
wondered how I can do this easily?

Thank you,

how do you get the return key to delete and replace text on Word 2003?

It used to do this automatically but now nothing happens.

After plcing the picture behind text, how do you again select the picture to
modify it?

How do you add the equation editor icon to the standard toolbar??

Also try, going to Edit--Paste Special--Unformated Text

That command would remove all the formatting and borders from the text, and
change it into text.

Another suggestion is first pasting the text into Notpad, and then copy it
from notpad to put into Word

both way would get the same results
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"Moontwister of the Crescent City" wrote:

When cutting and pasting a HTML text document to Word, how do you
automatically word wrap it to the margins of your Word document?

There are two different ways for me to pukt the text into my Dreamweaver site
for my webpages. one, i have copy and pasted the text out of my word 2003
documents into Dreamweaver and saved as html onec there in the body tag.
The other, is to save as html in the word doc itself and bring it then into
When i do it the later way, i always get popup boxes that says word has, for
instance, identified 29 different adjustments that will change my own
When i just copy and paste a word doc. into dreamweaver and then save it
there as html, it does not seem to add all the reformatting and tags that it
did when i would first save it in word.
can you tell me which way is better and why?
thanks, i hope this is clear. i havent done it before. dreamweaver has its
own clean up html.

"Stefan Blom" wrote:

Take a look at the following article:

Stefan Blom

"Moontwister of the Crescent City" Moontwister of the Crescent

I need to create sub directories in the My Templates area - how do you get
Word to show tabs for sub directories greater than one directory deeper than
My Templates?

i have my resume saved in my documents. How do you copy and paste it to a
website that is wanting my resume. you can't copy and paste?

"IceMonkey77" wrote:

I am trying to get Office 2003 to print a bleed (To print a color lockup to
the edge of the paper without white space at the top.)

This is not a Word issue, but a printer issue.

I have never seen a desktop printer, or even an office one, capable of
printing right up to the edge of the page.

If your printer can handle pages bigger than Lette size (or A4 if you are
using that size), add crop marks, print on bigger pages and then cut the
sheets of paper to the desired size... seems like a lot of work. Especially
since Word is not designed to be used that way.

It would probably be easier to go to a professional print shop... But they
will probably not want to work with Word files... Better convert to PDF first.

How do you switch from one column to the next column in MSWord, type some
words and then switch back to column 1 or go to column 3, type some words and
then switch back to column 1?

I want to configure word 2003, when searching for a help topic, that word
does not go directly to the online help funtion.

How do you change that configuration.

In Word 2003 the print layout screen only shows the printable area, not the
entire page. How do you turn this off? This is quite a frustrating change
from Word 2000.

How do you remove an embedded picture/graphic in a word document?

We have a very large document that also has many appendices which are being
added from many differents sources. Some of the footnotes are causing
trouble for us. We would like to either make a list of footnotes (with page
numbers if possible) and / or just view the footnotes with out viewing the
rest of the document as a distraction.

The main cause of our problems is the fact that many of the documents being
included are from a third source who insists on using outline, and other
styles incorrectly, we have to then reformat everything and every word in
their documents. Help, how can we save time and our old eyes and make life
easier? Thank you.

I have a file of my business card both a jpg and pdf file. How do I use my
art work to make a business card? My file shows the logo and art work, but I
need to add the text. Can I copy text from an image of the card and add it
to the art work/

I am using Microsoft Word. It has templates for making a Newsletter. Yet I
can not find a tutorial on how to make it work.

after you set the colums how do you go to the second colum?

I am trying to make some data cards by printing the infomation on 3x5 index
cards.How do you set this up so you can print horizontally