Printer prints different document than one saved and displayed

I have a Word 2003 document saved and displayed on the screen. When I try to
print it, it reverts to older version of document and prints it instead. This
is a manuscript and I am trying to print the "Original" document. It prints
the earlier version saved under "Final".

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Is there a way to merge several different documents into one? I have several
different word documents that I need to merge to create one large document.
Does anyone know of an easier way then copying and pasting the other
documents into the main doc? Thank you for any assistance that you can

I have multiple documents all in a different format (i.e. Excel, Word,
PDF, etc) that I need to print. But when I select each document in the
directory and right click and select print, it still sends multiple
print commands to the printer. Can I group these commands and just
send one command at one time? Almost like a temporary hold folder
until I am ready to release the command.

The problem I run into is that as other people send commands to the
shared printer, they get mixed in with my documents, and then I have to
go through and sort them out manually. This can be a big process
because some of the things I print are 40+ pages. I figure if I can
send just one command, then it will be impossible to have another
persons job order get mixed in with mine because my single job order
would have to complete before anyone else could slip in.

Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

I have a double sided word document with headers and footers set up as the
same measurement. The footer style is all the same and and header style is
all the same. The page margins are set up the same for the whole document.
The document is also set up as mirrored margin.
When printing the document on one side of paper all the footers and headers
are exactly as expected. The print preview matches what I get.
When I print the document double sided the odd page headers and footers are
approx. 2mm higher than the even page header and footers. I have recently
updated the print driver which is working fine.
On other documents not set up for double sided printing in the template they
all print fine but this document has been specifically been set up for double
sided printing and the headers and footers have this 'glitch'.
The print preview through both Word and the printer shows that the headers
and footers are fine.
Please can you help. I have searched many sites and have found nothing
about this problem anywhere.

Is it possible to insert headers & footers into ALL word documents already
created? Or atleast all word documents in any particular folder.

Also, is possible to change margins and font in more than one document at

When i go to the print screen, the number of copies will not let me change to
a different number than one. Some of my files will let me change it but some
don't and I don't know what I am doing differently. Help!!

I have 45 documents in one folder and need to print them all. Rather than
opening each document, is there a way to print the entire folder?

I have looked everywhere I can and I just don't understand how you make the
column headings (when they are not at the top of the table but in different
rows) show on the first page, second page and/or third page when the column
runs across more than one page. I have tried StyleRefs and either I just
don't know what I am doing or it just isn't working.

Someone please help as I have been trying to do this for days!


Am I right in thinking word 2003 only has a single default working folder
when saving and opening documents? I often need to open documents from one
location and save them to another so it would be handy if I could set open
and save default locations to be different.

I'd like to see a way to do this quickly from both the Open and Save As
dialog box - it takes too long doing this via Tools, Options, File Locations
etc. Sometimes I might want to do this several times a day if I'm working on
different tasks. (Maybe there's a case for being able to save different
default profiles and quickly change these at the click of a button depending
on which tasks I'm working on).

I'd also like to see a tick box option somewhere along the way so I could in
fact set the save and open default folders to be the same in case I ever
needed this to save having to manually select the same file path again.

Anyway thanks for reading - it's my first post to a 'discussion board' so I
will be interested to know if anyone else agrees or already knows a better
way etc.

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I have 100+ research questionnaire Word documents in one file that I would
like to print out. Is there any way I can select all and print all, so that I
can get on with something else while they're being printed please?

Any help is gratefully appreciated.


I have dual monitors on my work computer and want to open more than one copy
(or incidence) of Word 2003 so that I can have, e.g. on document on one
screen and one on another. Seems like there should be a setting somewhere,
but I can't find it...Any suggestions?

My printer works okay when I use the test print facility on my Lexmark Z705
printer. It also prints internet pages and pages from my scanner, but when I
try to print anything from Word or Excel the pages come out blank. Print
preview looks fine also. Have downloaded the latest driver from Lexmark site
but still no joy.
Is there a setting on Word 2007 I have missed. Printer connection is via a
USB port and always worked fine on my old PC.

Is it possible to set up a macro to run when a document is first saved (and
not everytime it is subsequently saved)? Thanks.

Is there a way to print a document with the spelling and grammar errors
highlighted (as shown on the working document)?

what is the difference between a fast save and an auto save? What is a
background save? Using Windows 2000 with Word 2003

When i print a document from one PC the text is too small but when i print it
from another PC it is fine.
Any suggestions
Thanks in advance for any help

How can I print different sections of the one Word document to two
different printers? e.g. section 1 to b & w printer and section 2 to
the colour printer. I have only been able to figure out how to print
to different trays on the same printer which doesn't help me!!! Thanks
- sharsy

What I am looking for is a way to save paper tray settings for a single Word
2007 document so that every time this specific document is printed, a tray
different from the printer default will be chosen. I want the printer
settings specific to this document to apply automatically everytime it is
printed. I have a user that says she was able to do this in Word 2003.
The closest thing I could find is in Page Layout tab, Page Setup, Paper Tab,
Apply to Whole Document. These appear to save, however when I attempt to
print, the printer paper settings are default paper tray and page size. I
also tried adding a second windows printer with different tray settings and
using it for this document but had no luck there either. Still printed to
the default paper tray.

I have 3 documents that each have different headers and footer and page
numbers. They all have the same merge fields. I currently merge then print
each one individually. Is there a way I can merge and print all 3 whilst
retaining their indvidual Headers/footers?

I can't print more than one copy of a document no matter how many I ask for.
I had trouble with printing envelopes and had to use a card programme to
print them and ever since, I have not been able to change the number of
copies I want. I can ask for 10 copies, but it only prints one. Can someone
please help me. I am using Word 2000.
Hop Sing