word keeps closing

I have just installed office xp on new comp', activated by phone. Whenever I
try to insert a shape word closes . I have not had this problem on my laptop
and am very frustrated? Any ideas?

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Have new Laptop with Vista and MS 2007 Small Business (which includes Word).
My MS Word keeps closing out of nowhere??? AND gives me a message about
recovering. I'm a total rookie. What is the problem??

I have noticed that ever since I've upgraded to Office 2003, Word does not
stay open. I've tried to watch this happening, but haven't caught it yet. I
close a document -- Word stays open. Some time later I'll want to start a
new document or edit an old one, and Word is closed. Why is this annoying
thing happening and where can I correct it? Thanks,

Having a strange problem with word, if I am working in a document and I open
a new document, then I minimize word and then open up the new document word
automatically closes. I loose what ever document I am working on and there
are no errors in the event log when word closes. I have uninstalled and
re-installed and the same thing still happens. Does anyone have any
suggestions as to what might be causing this.


Word keeps closing the whole program when the document I'm working on gets
closed. I want Word to remain open even if no active documents are open.

When I minimize Word (2003) it does just that. However after a few minutes
when I go back to it to maximize it, it's gone. I then have to open it again.
Excel does not react this way, it stays minimzed all day long. Why does Word
keep closing? Help!

I loaded up Office and everytime I opened Word it came up with messages about
macros and after clicking OK a few times it worked. This was annoying so I
tried to find something that might fix the problem.
In Tools Options there was an choice (think it was under Security) to lower
macros. Clicked this and closed Word. Since doing this when I try to open
Word it opens for about 2 seconds then closes itself.
I have run antivirus and nothing there. I've removed Office and reinstalled
it, still no joy. I've tried banging my head against the wall, didn't work
either. HELP!!!

I also have the issue of word closing, and have recently upgraded from
Windows 2000 to Windows XP and from Office 2000 to Office 2003. In templates
that functioned well before, the "find" command no longer locates the record
and when I try to save the sort order on the Access data, it causes word to
close. The database table has over 19,000 records with 78 field names, so
I'm not sure if this poses a problem for word 2003, as it worked well in
2000. I am using a secure database with a DDE connection so I'm not sure if
that is the issue either. I have also installed the mso.dll fix, but still
having the same issue. We use over 20 templates with mail merge to this
table and users are having to scroll through endless records any assitance
would be greatly appreciated.

I put a new section in a word document comprising about 30 pages, The new
section is Landscape, the rest of the document Potrait. I have done this with
another report with no problems, but if I scroll up or down in the new one
Word keeps repaginating and always seems to be "writing". How can I change
this as it makes scrolling very jerky?

I'm trying to insert pictures into a Word document, and Word keeps moving
the pictures around. I set them up for having the text wrap only top and
bottom, yet the pictures move and then overlap the captions. Trying to move
them back into place, the captions disappear and finally the bitmaps
disappear altogether, Word locks up and asks me if I want to send the
problem to Microsoft....by this point there is a lot more than the problem I
want to send to them! I've learned now to save the document after every
figure inserted.

Is there a way to FIX a picture to a location and not let it move?

Word sometimes closes on its own after performing "virus check." Any
suggestions, I think I read/saw it may be a problem with a printer driver?

Any help would be appreciated.

Word keeps moving my toolbars around. I have a personal one that I made,
plus the PDF Maker toolbar that Acrobat installs, for a total of four
(including the Formatting and Standard built-in toolbars). Every time I open
a document they keep rearranging and splitting into three or four positions,
so I keep having to rearrange them. Is there a way to make them stay
permanently where I put them??

The horizontal ruler goes away when Word is closed. One must select it again
from the View menu. Is there a way to ensure that the rules is on (assuming
the user in the in the correct view, such at Printer View. Co-worker is
getting crankly about this.

MS word is closing automatically when the document is being closed. It
doesn't happen if there is more than 1 document open. Only the small X is
being clicked on. Has this happened to anyone? Is it a setting in the

The close command in Word keeps closing Word not just a document, how do I
change it back to just closing the document? Very frustrating.

We are using Office 2003 in a Terminal Server environment. None of my other
users have this problem. I have confirmed that Handwriting Recognition
service is not installed, nor are ther any Macros. My user will open Word,
Outlook & maybe a few other applications. This is a common practice for all
my users. However, whether this user only has one document open or several,
Word will close unexpectedly - without him clicking on anything. Any

hi i am running into a snag with the new 207 student teacher edition. It
keeps closing on me after i print can anyone help me?

Can anyone be of assistance to me. I've had this program for a year now it
has been running good until now. I begin to type then once i hit enter the
whole system shuts down and is reopend and it keeps closing and not
responing. I've tried to download any requirements but its won't finish
downloading the for some reason. Can any one help me out with ?

Hi, I have researched, tested, read and cannot find the answer to this...
I have a template I created that merges from a database into a word
document. Word keeps changing one 2 of my styles to its own variations of
them (adds 2 styles using SOME of the things I wanted)! The rest of the field
styles in the document do not change, they stay exactly how I made them. In
order for me to fix it, I have to reassign the style manually (and I delete
Word's creations). I compared another style I use (that works fine) very
similar to one of those that change, and cannot find any major differences
why one works and the other doesnt.

This NEVER happened in the older version of word (I am in 2003 sp2) and I
know it's a Word issue. I feel maybe when I got upgraded recently, something
is set default that I don't need or not set that I do need. Different people
on different machines are having the same issue I am with the same document.
I use the .rtf. I have even tried saving as a .doc and then back to .rtf as
someone suggested but still not keeping my style.

One thing I did notice different from the style I assigned that (besides the
fonts it won't keep) Paragraph (on the Modify Style menu, Style Type box) is
shaded out, and the one Word creates and changes on me, is showing Paragraph.

I tried unchecking/checking the Autoformat style boxes, etc. and Word still
changing it. Please help, I am stuck!


My version of word keeps for some reason defaulting to welsh as the language.
I have changed in languages. I have also taken off the programme and
reinstalled it, but the default is still going to welsh. I have had some
viruses on my machine as my daughter is always downloading stuff. Can
anybody help with suggestions.