Form Fields in Word 2010

I'm working in Word 2010, but using the Legacy Tools to create a form that will be emailed to clients. When I test the form, if a number field is used, Word puts a double underline under the "answer." For regular text it doesn't happen. Anyone have any idea of how I can have them be consistent, either all with underlines, or none?


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I am new to this forum, Can anyone help me in formatting form fields in word 2003 after protecting the form. Eg :- User shoulbe able to change the font, color etc of the field but should not be able to update the text.

How to I create a form field in Word 07? The only thing I can do is copy and
paste from another document.

How do I remove shading in form fields in Word 2007? Thanks.

Is it possible to have fill in form fields inside word 2002 tables update a
linked chart?

In other words, I want to make a fill in form with some of the form fields
placed inside the cells of a table, then have a chart linked to that table
and then have that chart update according to the data entered in the table.

I am using a form created in Word 2003. I have a field that a user inserts
information ie, job number and I need to have this same field repeated on the
second page of the form. How do I set the first field to automatically
replocate to the second so that the user only has to make the first entry?

How can I enable rich text (i.e. Bold, Bullets, etc) to be used in a form
field in MS word? I have designed a form but want to users to be able to use
bullets/numbering, bold, italics, fonts, etc. Currently It seems I can only
use the font the form field was set up with initally prior to the form being

How do I enable spell checking of form fields, i.e., data entered in the form
fields, in a form created in Word 2000 ?

Is it possible to make entry into Form fields in Word Compulsary (in that you
are not allowed to leave them blank) and is it possible to put a drop-in
Calendar to select a date and then the calendar disappears again also in a

Howdy, howdy,

Because we can't insert Form fields in the Header (because the Form
functions are "grayed out"), we put the same-titled, repetitive Form fields
on each page of a document, i.e., on each page of the document the same Form
fields appear in the same place for Aircraft Tail Number and Aircraft Serial

What I'd like to do is enter the tail number and serial number just once on
the first page and have the rest of the pages' tail number and
serial-numbered fields automatically have that information entered.

I imagine a macro could be written to do this, but I'd like to know if it
can be done "natively" without having to resort to writing a macro.

Thanks in advance for your reply!

In previous versions of Microsoft Office, I had a toggle button on my toolbar
from the Forms menu to turn off the shading in a form field. In Office 2007,
the Forms menu no longer exists. When I insert a check box form field, it is
automatically shaded. How do I remove this shading before printing my form?

I have been using drop down form fields in Word 2000 and 2003 without any
issues. Generally speaking, to activate the form fields I would click
"protect" form button and and select any item that I wanted in all the drop
down field that were on the document and once done I would click the protect
form again to make the selection stick so to speak.

Now in Word 2007 when I open my documents, I see where the drop down form
fields are and I can create more (in the ribbon, under Developer tab and
under controls by using "legacy").

The problem is that I cannot find any way to activate these form fields to
pick an item in the drop down list. The protect form button on the ribbon
does not activate these drop down fields.

Please someone advise,

When I insert a check box form field in Word 2003 the only option I seem to
have for a check is an X. Is there any way to change it so it's an actual
check, kind of like the toolbar button looks like?

I am trying to create a very simple form in Word 2010 (RTM, on Win7) which
has three fields: Qty, Unit Price, Ext. Price. Am using the legacy Text Form
field for each. The details on how I set up properties is below.
I restrict editing and then save it (as a DOTX, DOCX or even DOC-tried all),
and then open it to type values in my fields. Here's the problem: the fields
do not format the data as instructed. For example, I type in a unit price of
$1.50 and it saves the value of "1". That's it, just the number 1, and does
not format it as instructed (as currency). It displays the qty correctly,
but it strips out the currency formatting for Ext. Price as well. All
calculations are working (based on the values it saves in the form field, not
the values I've typed in), but the formatting is in error, and that makes the
calculation results wrong.

When I go back and view properties for each field, the number format is
blank - as if I never selected/changed it. If I select again, restrict,
save, and try again, still no formatting.
What might be causing this? I've tried in an old document and a brand new
one and the same thing happens. Information from this point forward is
supplemental about how I set properties for each field.

After I insert each field, I open the Properties and make appropriate changes:
Qty field: Number type, unlimited length, number format #,##0, calculate on
exit checked.
Unit Price field: Number type, unlimited length, number format
$#,##0.00;($#,##0.00), calculate on exit checked.
Ext price field: Calculation, unlimited length, number format
$#,##0.00;($#,##0.00), calculate on exit NOT checked.
Editing restrictions are set to allow only Filling in forms.

Thanks for any insights you might have.

How do I get text form fields to word wrap in an MS Word form when the
questions and fields are within a row of a larger table?

Thank you!

I do not have a huge understanding of computers, so please bear with me. I
have created a password protected table in Word with Text Form Fields. I
want the cells of the table to expand as information is added. Right now,
the text form field will accept my information, but when we reach the bottom
of the cell, you cannot read what we have typed.

Thanks for your help!
Jill Bailey

This is my 1st time working on a form. I am working on our employment
application. I did not start a new document; what I did was since our app. is
already saved in Word, i just opened it. Every place information is needed,
I've placed a text box, checkbox or a drop-down field. I've run into a few

1. CHECKBOXES~After protecting the document, you can still select all boxes
at the same time. I would like to know how to set it up that you can only
choose 1 box while the others are deselected. I am unfamiliar with macros as

2. TEXT FORM FIELD~While in the form field options box, I've set options
(ex: I chose numbers and would like the applicant to be able to use numbers
only in that field) but whether the form is protected or not, I can still
type ANYTHING in the field. How do I set it up so only numbers can be typed
in that field?

Is it better to use tables?
Please someone assist me with this. I've been bussing my brains, even after
google searches, etc. GREATLY APPRECIATED!

I've got several documents set up as templates using form fields. Most of
these form fields have Bold formatting applied to them, and some of the
fields are set to different data types such as dates or numbers.
The problem is that when filling in the fields, if it contains regular text
the bold formatting stays, but if it is a date, number or currency data type
then the formatting is sometimes lost when leaving the field using tab, enter
or the mouse. You end up with a document with half the fields in bold as they
should be and half of them in normal type.
I've had a similar problem previously in Word 2000 as well, but have never
found a solution to it. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

i've created a form in word 2007. I've bookmarked the form fields that i
want added in the calculation and I would like to enter a calculating field
to add the bookmarked fields and average them; inserting the answer where my
calculation field is located. Can anyone help with this or is there a better
way? "sum(above)" doesn't work here since the tables are not connected. I
am new at this.


Can anybody tell me for certain if I can put form fields in a text box? It
appears I cannot. If I create a text box, Word won't let me put form fields
into it. If I create the fields first, then select the text and create a
text box, Word inactivates the form fields. I can create a line border
around some form fields, but I cannot seem to arrange two of these
side-by-side (horizontally) the way I can arrange two text boxes.

The forms I'm working on are not locked. Other form fields (non-boxed,
non-framed) on the same document function well.

Any ideas how I can create two side-by-side, framed sets of form fields, in
other words, two small side-by-side boxes with forms inside them? Thanks for
your help.