Paragraph spacing of bulleted lists

I am trying to increase the paragraph spacing between my bulleted lines but
want to keep the line spacing at 1 line. When I try to change the paragraph
spacing, it accepts and displays the number I choose (e.g., 3pts, 6pts) but
it does not make the change. What can I do to enable paragraph spacing
between bullets?
Mama G

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After I create am automatically formatted bulleted/numbered list in MS Word
2007 and apply paragraph spacing of 6 points, the list is not spaced as
directed, that is, nothing happens. The paragraph spacing does work,
however, when I make a manually formated bulleted or numbered list.

I am using Word 2007 to edit a large document. In it, I would like the first
and last elements in my bulleted lists - which are formatted with the List
Paragraph style - to be well spaced from the rest of the text (what's above
and below it, which is usually formatted with the Normal style).

However, setting values for the Spacing Before and Spacing After parameters
under List Paragraph|Modify Style|Format|Paragraph, only spaces the *first*
element of the list from the preceding paragraph, and leaves the last element
of the list unspaced from the following, Normal-styled paragraph.

It's only if I use direct formatting on the last paragraph of the list that
I get the desired result, i.e. if I select the last element of the list, go
to Paragraph Settings and set the value for Spacing After parameter.

As a debugging method, I created a new document and reproduced the scenario
(Normal-styled paragraph, bulleted list, another Normal-styled paragraph) -
everything is as it should be with the space after the list!

What could be wrong with the settings in my document? Thanks for any help!

PS: here's a screenshot demonstrating the situation, with paragraph marks
enabled -

Word 2007. I have a Heading then some paragraphs. Then a bullet list. How do
I prevent a page from breaking in the middle of a lower level bullet list? In
other words, how do I keep lower level bullets with it's upper level?

For example:
Many paragraphs

o upper level bullet aaa
- one aaa
- two aaa
- three aaa

o upper level bbb
- one bbb
- two bbb
- three bbb

Right now I run out of room on the page and -two bbb goes to the next page.
I can highlight the "bbb"s and under Paragraph/line and Page Breaks check
Keep Lines Together. I may need to add more paragraphs before the bullet list
and I don't want a list to be broken into two pages. Do I have to highlight
each list (aaa, bbb, ccc) to do this. Or is there a way to do it different?

I have pages and pages of bulleted lists of text, all of which is in lower
case, and I want to capitalize the first letter in each bulleted item. Is
there a macro (or other automated way) for doing this?

I picked up a template off of which makes extensive use of
bulleted lists, and I find it increasingly frustrating to edit these lists.

Usually, when creating a bulleted list, I only need to hit "enter" at the
end of an item to start working on the next one.

Suggestion one: Ensure that documents written for Word 97 that incorporate
bulleted lists have this functionality. Currently, when I hit "enter" at the
end of an item, I'm dropped into plaintext after the carriage return, and I
need to press the "bullet" button to create another bullet. This is annoying.

Next, this template is causing issues with bulleted lists at different levels.

Suggestion two: Ensure that adding a new bullet doesn't affect the other
bulleted items in the same list. Currently, if I have a bulleted list with
some bullets at multiple levels, adding another bullet (by way of typing
plaintext and hitting the "bullet" button) causes all items in that list to
retreat to the top level.


1) open the following resume template in an up-to-date install of office.
2) Press the enter key and type something in an attempt to add a bullet
point in the middle of the "Professional Experience" list. Try not to damage
anything when you repro the issue in suggestion one.
3) Press the bullet button to convert your text to a bullet point, please
note that it now is a bullet point in the same list and the same style as its
neighbors, which is nice.
4) Using the "tab" key, indent this bullet.
5) Add a second bullet point somewhere in the list by pressing "enter,"
typing some text, and pressing the "bullet" button. Note that the previously
indented bullet point has retreated to the top level of the list.

With many indented bullets, this can be quite frustrating.

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In Word 2007 if I have a list of bullet or numbered items and apply a before
(or after) paragraph spacing to all items in the list the result is the
spacing is not applied to all items in the list but rather to only the first
item in the list. It is as if Word recognizes the whole list as a single
paragraph. However when I turn on my show/hide feature I see the paragraph
marks after each item.

I have never experienced this problem in previous versions of Word. It only
seems to be showing itself in dreaded Word 2007.

Any thoughts besides uninstalling Word 2007??

I hate to be a chronic complainer, but this is my second posting of this
problem and I hope that someone can help. I'm running Word from Office 2007
under Vista/64.

If I create multiple paragraphs in Word 2007, format these paragraphs:
Paragraph/Indents and Spacing/Spacing/After: 6points, the screen immediately
shows the added space. Then if I turn these paragraphs into a bulletted or
numbered list or an outline, the added spacing disappears. Turn off
bulleting/numbering and the spaces come back.

Now, if I generate this same list in Word 2003 on another computer and bring
it over to the system with Word 2007, the spacing is proper; that is, the 6
points after hold true for bullets/numbers or not. What's more, if a second
list is generated using Word 2007 in the same document (the one created with
Word 2003), then the spacing specified by Word 2007 is just fine.

I ask anyone here who is running Word 2007 to try this. Create a few
one-line paragraphs, highlight them and specify 6 points after, then
highlight again and bullet the paragraphs. Does the spacing 'stick'? Thank

Just like you can format a certain amount of spacing (leading) before and
after a paragraph, I want to modify my Styles Bulleted style to automatically
insert a fixed amount of space between the last line of a paragraph and the
list of bulleted items that follow it.

Right now, my document template is set up for single spacing. It requires
two hard returns at the end of a paragraph to have a blank line between
paragraphs. When the user starts a list of bulleted items, I need some
additional white space before the list starts to set it apart, but not as
much space as a single line height. I am using Times New Roman in 11 point
size as my default fault, so I think 6 points of spacing above the first
bulleted line would be ideal.

When I click "modify" for the Styles Bulleted in the Styles palette, the
Paragraph option is grayed out in the Format pull-down on the bottom left. I
have looked through all the other settings and I cannot find a way to make
this happen.

Does any have any suggestions (preferably not manual formatting each time;
we're trying to automate this as much as possible) of how to make this work?

Thanks for your suggestions.

I am working on a paper for a professor who INSISTS that on a double-sided
document, the last line of text be flush with the page number at the bottom
of the page.

However, on pages with bulleted lists, this isn't working. The "blank
space" in the "Double Space" is at the bottom instead.

I realize that sounds a bit confusing so let me put this another way: I
have a document that is 100% double spaced everywhere. The entire document
is set to "0 pt" space before and after all paragraphs. Therefore the
bulleted lists should be spaced identically to a regular double-spaced

However when I take a bulleted list and turn off the bullets, the pagination
changes. A line is "sucked up" from the next page and is then "flush" with
the page number at the bottom (which is what the professor wants).

If *everything* is double-spaced, why should taking a few lines/paragraphs
and converting them to a bulleted list affect pagination in any way? Note
that none of the lines are changing from one line to two because of the
indent. All of them are 1-2 words, none of them even come close to the right
margin. If I could upload an example I would, it's very frustrating. I
appreciate any help.

I want my bullets spaced 6 pts between bullets. I have set that in the
Indents & Spacing setting for my bullet-style.

But after a bullet list I would like 12 pts before my normal "body" text
begins. How is that done?

And I dont want my "body"-paragraph to start woth 6 pt spacing in general.

I have just started working in a new position where I have to work with an
existing Word template that seems to have some issues. One of my first orders
of business will be to get it cleaned up, but I have to get a document based
on this template out ASAP so I'm trying to find a workaround (which will
hopefully also help me solve the problem for good!).

This document is unlike other Word documents I've worked with before - it's
for a bulletin, and it's laid out almost like a Publisher document (and no,
unfortunately I can't get Publisher - that would be much easier). In one
section there's space for a bulleted list, but it's doing something very
strange - the bullets don't align with the text vertically. That is, the
bulleted items are each 2 lines, and the bullet falls somewhere in the middle
of the two lines. It's like the vertical alignment is off, but I can't see
anywhere to change this alignment.

There are three bullets, and each is set to 0 pt before/2 pt after/multiple
line spacing @ 1.2, and left alignment with a hanging indent of 0.1". What's
strange as well is that if I highlight the last bullet item, the height
appears to be much larger (that is, it seems like there's 12 pt or more
"after" the bullet), but this doesn't appear to be so from the paragraph
dialog box.

I'm working in Word 2000 (which is driving me crazy!).

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


All of a sudden when I am creating bulleted lists, numbered lists, or an
outline, TAB adds a tab space instead of advancing the list to the next level.

Please help! Does anyone know if this is a setting issue? The indent
button still works.

I am working in Word 2003.

Thank you!

The outline view is great at collapsing away headings of varying
outline levels. Normal text or body text is considered the most
subordinate of outline levels. I would like bullet lists to be even
subordinate to normal text, and I also want different levels of
subordination within the bulletted list, depending on the indentation
of the bulletted paragraph. Is there a way to do this?

My goal is to be able to collapse away the details of all (or
selected) bullet lists unless I encounter a list that I want to lift
the lid on. Makes it easier to navigate the content.


Following Shauna Kelly's great website (, I am trying to use
styles and paragraph formatting (spacing before / after) to control paragraph
spacing, rather than extra empty lines. However, I am running into the
following problem.

I want some spacing (6pt) between regular (Normal) paragraphs. Then I want
to insert a bulleted list (List Bullet) in between Normal paragraphs, and I
don't want any extra space between the bullets. I formatted the Normal style
to add 6pts after the paragraph. Then I formatted the List Bullet style with
the same, but checked the box "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same

Everything was fine until today I extended my bullet list to include List
Bullet 2, 3 etc. Now it adds the space when switching from List Bullet to
List Bullet 2 and vice versa, etc. If I remove the space after List Bullet
completely, there is no space between the last bullet and the next following
Normal paragraph.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I am attempting to create a bulleted list with 2 levels. The first level is
formatted just as I want. For the second level, no matter what value I put in
"Tab space after". the space after the bullet doesn't change. It appears to
be about 1/10th of an inch. And don't tell me I need to used styles. I am
using styles for everything.

I have a bullet list with some bullet items. Some of the items have different
spaces between the bullets. Meaning the line spacing between the bullets are
not all the same. Some are wider. I have formatting marks showing and I don't
see anything unusual. At the end of each line, there's the carriage return
mark. No extra carriage returns or white space between the bullets. The font
used across is the same. I adjusted the line spacing for the whole list. I
removed and reinitialized the list. Same problem.

Any ideas show to fix this?

I've Word 2007 and can't figure out how to change (or whatever) to
ALWAYS make my bulletted lists flush left (without that indent 0.25" or 40px
or whatever it is), so they don't move right nearly so fast as I go into
successive levels of sublists.

Styles Inspector says alter List Paragraph but that doesn't seem to work.
Exposing everything seems to indicate a hidden "Bullets and Numbering" style,
but I can't right-click it to alter it and I don't see it in the long list of
all styles.

Another attempt at this resulting in my "myUnindentedListStyle" style but if
I try to go into Recommended Styles dialog it is enabled, but when I select
it is says "last" as the view order and none of the buttons to modify it are

ventGrrrr! Help is useless and this is the 3rd or 4th time I've spent 30+
minutes on this. /vent

Thanks to anyone with a clue on how to approach what I woudl have thought
was a simple task. Besides, what kind of people really prefer indented
lists?! ;-

Is there a way to suppress paragraph "spacing before" when a paragraph
starts at the top of a new page or column? I'm using Word 2003.
Previous discussions about this say that Word does it automatically,
but that's not happening in my documents (previous discussions were
using previous versions of Word. Has something changed?).


When choosing Format--Paragraphs in order to adjust the space after a
paragraph, I've been surprised that certain paragraphs in my documents list
the space after in lines, not in points.

So while most paragraphs will have "6 pts" in the box (for example), a few
say "1.2 line." This is all happening in the same document.

I need to be able to control the space after these paragraphs in points.
Short of typing in VBA code into the Immediate window of the VBA editor, what
can I do? Why is this happening?

I'm using Word XP (aka 2002), SP3, if that's helpful.

Thanks in advance!