original defaults for the Open document in Word 2003

How do I restore the defaults for page setup in the 'open' document in Word
2003? I have tried system restore, but it did not work.

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When I opening documents in word 2003 - in print-view, the filed for the
toptext and bottom-text is not showen. I have to open the fileds every time -
and this is really annoying. This happened when I was working with a new
template where I was using some functions for toptext and bottom-text.... and
I can`t find a way to get back to normal view. I have also tried to runthe
repair-fix in office without result.

Please help if someone has got an idea.


I don't know how this happened. I have a document shortcut on my desktop
which, up until yesterday, opened the document in Word 2003. Now the
shortcut opens the document in Word 2007 (which I cannot bear; it is much too
confusing to use). At the top it shows the document name with "Compatability
Mode" in brackets following. How can I get the shortcut to open in the old
Word program? (I did try creating a new shortcut and deleting the old one
and it works the first time, but as soon as I close the document and use the
shortcut again, it defaults to the new stupid Word version.) Please help!

We have thousands of documents which were developed in previous versions of
Word. When we try to open these in Word 2003 we get the following error:

Word was unable to read this document. It may be corrupt. Try one or more of
the following:
* Open and Repair the file.
* Etc...

When I use Open and Repair I get a dialog box which says Errors were
detected in the file, etc.. and lists one error as 'Text Boxes 1' (whatever
that means).

One way or another, I need to get this fixed up so that our users can access
their documents.

1. Is there a software patch for this? I am currently running Word 2003

2. Is there a way that I can fix up all my documents programmatically? Is
the Open and Repair function available via the Word automation object model?

Thanks for your help!

- Joe Geretz -

Just wondering if anyone has any feedback on why Office 2003 SP2 has
not corrected this fix for this error (info taken from old message):

See the following KB article:
You receive a "Word was unable to read this document. It may be
corrupt" error message when you open a document in Word 2003
Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

The registry fix works great, and I am able to open new documents, but
I have had to do this reg change on a fully patched office 2003
install (and am looking at having to do a hell of a lot more!)

Any help would be much appreciated,


How do I open documents in Word 2003 by double clicking on the associated
icon for the existing document? I did not have this problem until I did an
update to MS Office 2003.

Has anyone had any problems opening a Word 97 document in Word 2003? I
have a few users who say they are experiencing problems doing this.
I'd love to be more specific on the error message they say they are
getting, but no one has recorded that. Just thought I'd put a feeler
out for now. Thanks!

Every time I close a document in Word 2003 - File, Close - the entire program
closes. Is there a setting for this that I can change?

Recently something has happened that won't let me open documents in
Word,either from the tool bar or the file menu. It also has affected the
ability to add file attachements in Outlook 2003. It's really weird. We have
a few computers on our network doing this all running Windows XP Pro with
Office 2003 Pro. If we do a system restore to a previous date it might work
for a day or two but then it happens again. I have some posts about an old
Symantec file but we have new pc's with only a new version of symantec on
them. Can anyone advise?

Excuse me if this question has already been answered. I have word document
that was created in Word 2003 that has a button control on it with VBA behind
the click event of the button. I have loaded this document in Office 2007
and the button works with no issues. I have saved it as a docm file and
Office 2007 can still open it and the button works. When I open the docm
document in Word 2003 with the compatibility pack installed the button is not
longer a button but a picture which is not longer attached to the VBA code.
The VBA code still exists in the document it is just that the button does not
convert to a button from docm to doc. Is there a reason for this?

I am trying to open a 1GB (One Gigabyte) word document in word 2003
I get an error message saying the document is to large when I attempt this.

Any soultions or suggustions would be much appreciated.



how do i make the blank document in word bigger? im not sure if its in the
mail merge type and i dont think it is because ive done the steps that you
would do to get it out of that and it doesnt work. please help. it looks like
a tiny tiny piece of paper. and ive tried exiting word and coming back to it
but nothing is working. please help!!!!!!!!!!

I have many documents prepared in WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS which include
double indented paragraphs (created by pressing Shift F4 before typing the

When I retrieve these documents in Word 2003, the double indented paragraphs
turn into paragraphs with a hanging indent.

How can I retain the double indented paragraphs when I retrieve these
documents in Word 2003?

It takes 30-40 seconds to open a document in Word 2003. Does anyone have any
ideas how I can reduce this time?

Can a document saved in Microsoft Word 2002 open up in Word 2003?

Is is possible to open a Word 2007 document in Word 2003? If so how?

Hi, hope you can help, clicking on attachments from Hotmail i get a word pop
up file dialog box with the "save" and "Cancel option" but the "open" option
isnt offered. when i right click on the attachment link in an attempt to open
that way nothin happens with the open selection, i dont get the "open with"
option either i have tried holding ctrl and clicking on the attachment link,
file association in control panel (.doc) i have to save the attachment first
before being able to open the attachment, something i dont want to have to be
doing. is there a setting within word /internet options that needs to be set?
This occurs for excel, word and PDF attachments. if it works for one i hope
it should work for the others i use word 2003 on Vista pc
In search of Perfection
In search of Perfection

Is there a way you can print all the open documents in Word (like in Excel)?

I have noticed on occasion that there seems to be two different lengths for
the insertion mark in Word 2003. Normaly I see a full lengh mark just as I'm
seeing here as I type this message. It shows the full line height. But on
occasion I see a shorter mark displayed in a document that shows only the
height of lower case characters without decenders.

Is there a significance to the size of the marker, and how does it get
How does one change it manually?

Thanks for you help on this.
Norm Shimmel
Butler, PA

My folders where my data is located are several clicks into our network. Is
there a way to add folders to the popup window in Word so I could have less
keystrokes to get to my files?