insert a word into the text without deleting text following

this just started: when I try to insert into text of a word document, the
letter following each inserted letter is deleted

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As part of the completion of a created form I need an end-user to insert a
picture into the form and am not wanting to unlock the form everytime they
need to update the form.

A colleague has helped me to produce a mailmerge by linking a word 2003
document to a spreadsheet. Fields from a column in the spreadsheet can
be inserted into the document. However, I would ideally like to insert
a field into the subject line when the document is emailed to all the
recipients, otherwise a number of emails may be received that look like
duplicates. Any ideas how this can be done?

Incidentally, if an email address is typed in wrong into the
spreadsheet, I am forced into my outlook contacts area when the email
merge happens, can it be prevented from doing so to make sure I can not
risk sending the information to anyone in my outlook contacts?


I am using Word 2000 SR1. I have very lengthy document in Encoded Text
format, with New Courier font. A symbol (small box-like) occurs throughout
the document. It signifies quotation marks. When saved as a Word document the
symbol remains. I want to change this symbol into New Courier quote marks.
Since it occurs several thousand times in the document I do not wish to do it
manually. I want to make the exchange automaticaly using Word's Find and
Replace Function. However I find I cannot get the symbol into the Find box. I
cannot copy from the text and then paste it into the box? Also the Insert
Symbol function (either by clicking on Insert or using a Key code) will not
put the symbol into the Find box. Help needed here.

when i try to insert a word/letter into something i've previously written in
my word document, it deletes another word/letter in order to make room for
the new word/ letter.
It's really annoying me and i don't know how to stop it.
So if anyone can help me then please do.

I have put a word into the MS word dictionry and it is spelt wrong, can I
delete this wprd.

I'm using Word 2000 (9.0.2720) on Windows ME. (I know--don't say it. Not high
on my priorities; I'm a broke college student.) I have the oddity that
whenever I hit the END key in Word, instead of moving the cursor to the end
of the line it inserts a bullet into the text! (Not a functional bullet; just
a little, centered dot as a character.) My END key behaves normally in all
other applications, as far as I've noticed.

I am using Microsoft Word 2007, and am having a problem inserting a picture
into a document. I am typing up information about different hotels for a
project, using a template to enter the information. There is a different
Microsoft Word document file (using the same template) for each hotel. I
would like to insert pictures of each hotel into their respective Word
documents. How can I make sure that the pictures I insert are the same size
for each document? When I try inserting a picture into the document and then
adjust the size to make it the same size as the previous document, Word
automatically changes the size and I can't get the picture to be the same
size. Is there an easy way to replace a picture in one document with a
different picture of the same size? Thanks!

In a paragraph in MS Word, I want to insert text without deleting the rest of
the paragraph. Right now my settings doesn't insert text, it types over and
deletes any character thereafter such as letters, spaces, and symbols. How do
I change this back to plain old inserting?

In WORD when needing to insert a letter into a word causes the next letter or
space to the right of the insertion to be deleted. This results in needing
for every thing after the insertion to be retyped to the end of the document.
This started to best of my knowledge without my selecting this as an option.
I can not find how to deactivate it.

This has also happened in Outlook Express on occasion.

How do I insert a picture into a word document and have the text wrap around
it? Thank you. Elton

I don't know how to insert a roman numeral in the text of a Word document. I
figured it would be in symbols but it is not.

When I try to correct a word or insert a word into pe typed sentence, the
next letter is deleted - very frustrating. I know there is a keyboard
shortcut to turn this function off, but I have forgotten what it is.

I do medical transcribing and need to keep inserting different templates into
the same document. When I first open the "new" blank document I set the font
and font size, then want to insert a template so I can fill in the blanks,
but the font and font size do not look the same even though when I click on
the letter and look up top to see what size the font is it says Arial 11. If
I open the template and start typing then I cannot re-open it again for
another dictation.
I read somewhere the simple route is best in Word.
So, simply I need to send one whole document for the day with a bunch of
different doctors that each have their own "template" of the way they want
their reports typed and I don't want to have to re-type each set of headings,
just insert a template or whatever, and fill in the blanks!
Does that make sense?

I am trying to insert a word art statement into one of the cells in my table.

i use office/xp. i need to insert a word doc into multiole word docs without
changing the margins of the recipient docs. i can not figure out how to do

please help!!

Please Help:
I just want to add an horizontal line over an existing text without deleting
the existing text!

Thanks a lot
And Happy New Year


Why can I not go back and change words in a document in the works without
losing the words after them?

I don't seem to be able to insert text inside the existing text without
erasing and typing over the existing text. I just want to be able to insert
some words into the document without upsetting the existing language.
What do I need to change?

I have been trying to insert an excel spread sheet into a word document. The
spread sheet has page breaks at applicable rows and when I print it the
column headings are printed on each page. However when I move it to word I
loose the column heading on all but the first page. How do I do this?

Thanks for any and all help.

Harry Hardin