Cannot open .docx email attachments

I am running Vista 64 SP2, IE 8, and Office 2007. I cannot open .docx
attachments, when I try it autosaves into a zip file. 1) After the zip file
is saved and I try to open the zip file there isn't a document there. 2) I
can open .docx files saved on the harddrive or transferred via any medium
besides email (ie CD or flash).

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I have been using Office 2003 for a year. At one point I tried to follow some
directions for anti-spam setup and ever since then I cannot open a Word
attachment directly from email. I have to save the attachment to the hard
drive first. Also, my Word icon changed on the attachments from the usual "W'
to an icon that looks like a notepad - it has blue lines on the left hand
side and a red piece on the lower right hand corner. Any help would be
greatly appreciated!

Note - I can open Excel attachments with no problem.

This is more an Outlook query than a Word specific query.

I know there is a way of tracking whether people have opened an email
attachment/spreadsheet or not.

However, if I remember rightly, the file would need to be sent as a link
rather than attachment, which means this facility may have been in file

(this should not be confused with email delivery or read receipts).

Many thanks.

I have downloaded all updates and I can't open .docx files from email
attachments. This is stupid!

I had posted this previously, where I could not open .docx files received in
Outlook email on a computer that already has Office 2007 on it.

I have now found out that if I first download the .docx file email
attachment to the local drive, and rename the .docx extension on the filename
to .doc, then it opens just fine. And while this gets the file to open, I
cannot be asking the user to this involved procedure for every .docx he
receives (it is the CEO and he just wants the file to open when
double-clicking it in the email---just like other files).

I am running Office 2007 with all the latest updates.

Can anyone advise on how to fix this? I have two computers-both running XP
and Office 2007--that are now doing this.

Can anyone advise on why a user cannot open a .docx file he receives in an
email, and yet he has Office 2007?

It brings up an error message that says in effect it cannot read the file.

I know that .docx is the Office 2007 default format, and that a converter is
needed if you are trying to open it with an earlier version of Office.
However this user already has Office 2007 installed.

This has happened for two users in my company so far. Would appreciate any
help and advice!

I posted this also in the Office-- General forum.

When I try to open a word attachment from my outlook mail word freezes and I
have to close the program. When I open a word document from my files I have
no problems. I ran diagnostic and it said there are no problems.

When I open doc email attachments I wish to open them according to my own
defaults rather than those embedded in the document. I don't seem able to do
this - the embedded codes override my own. How can I import them to my own

I've tried to send email attachments of Word 2003 documents. When opening
these up, the documents have a "docx" suffix and (and other
email) can't
open them. What do I need to do? Thanks in advance!
Miguel R.

Some recipients of emails that I send cannot open "Word" documents sent as
attachments. T attachedhe documents have been savied in Word 97-2003 formats
since I have Word 2007. Does anyone know why this is happening?

I have microsoft word 2007, I cannot open any word documents via my email. If
someone is sending an attachment, I have downloaded a compatibility package
in case the person is not using 07' and it still isnt working. This is very
frustrating because I cannot open anything my classmates or teachers are
sending me. The error message says : Windows cannot find
C:/users:steve/Appdata/Local/Temp/Low/domino Web Access/ ch. 18 outline. doc
Make sure you type the name correctly, and then try again.

If I save the document onto a thumb drive and then load it onto the computer
that way , I can open the document just fine, so there is a disconnect in
downloading from the internet?

Can anyone help??

I just switched to windows 7 as well as trial word 2007. Recipients of my
email attachments cannot open word documents anymore. I get feedback like:
This is a cold fusion markup file. Please forward in Word, Wordpad or copy
and paste into the body of the email.

I upgraded from Office 04 to Office 08 and now when I double-click on any
..doc or .docx file in an email attachment Word opens to a blank document. I
can open the file if Word is open and I search through my attachments folder.
What do I need to do to make it so double-clicking the document in the email
opens it directly?

When I open Word email attachments they always open in some bizarre layout
and I have to convert them in "Print Layout". Even when I do this and then
Re-save the document and re-open it, it re-opens in the same bizarre
multi-page layout.
I have checked my parameters and can't seem to find out how to make my Print
Layout the default layout for any word attachments......can anyone suggest
what I can do? thanks, Garry

Whenever I try opening a file from an email attachement or from a folder when
Word is not open I get a message that the system can't find the file. It will
only open the file if Word is already open. Also, when it does open, it opens
in file preview.


Whenever I try to open a word document that is an email attachment in
Outlook, Word will open the document then instantly freeze up and need to be
shut down. I have to save every document to my desktop and then open it in
Word. This is a new problem that just started in the last week or so. The
only change I can think of to my system is that I downloaded IE7. Is there
an easy fix for this?

I switched to comcast hight speed - I have Microsoft works - Now no one can
open any of my attachements to emails. Is there something I can do?

I cannot open email pdf attachment files - 'file conversion' box appears but
none of the options work. I know it is something simple but just can't
remember how to fix it!

How do I open a .dat attachment sent via my email?

I am having a problem opening email attachments. I have an msn address.
When I receive emails that have attachments that contain pictures, they won't
open. I click on the attachment and it goes straight to word. I have to
click save as and view in something else. If I open my msn address in
internet explorer then I don't have this problem. It will open just fine.
Any ideas???