Word - Text Form Field Moving

First time creating a form in Word, have created Text Form fields, sized to
allow insertion of information, protected document. When entering text in one
field, the next field is moving over. How can I configure text form fields so
they do not move over when filling them out. Thank you.

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I am creating a mail merge in MS Word 2003, from a MS Access database table.
Everything works fine, except the text form fields are not displayed when I
merge to a new document. I want the end user to edit the new document by
filling in numerous fields. Without having to edit the newly created
document each time, is there a way to have a highlighted field for the users
to enter comments into?

I have searched for ways to resolve this, and see people referencing macros
but I am not sure how to implement macros and have several users who will be
using the main mail merge document.

Are there any other ways to resolve this issue?

I have a form designed and ready to go but I am trying to do some minor
formatting changes to improve the look.

Specifically, I have areas where a user enters text, eg. their name. I
have placed a Text Form Field in the location where I want it and have
set the properties to allow a maximum of 50 characters. How do I format
the field so that it displays on the form as being 50 characters long?
I have shading turned on and it makes the form appear as if a user only
has a small amount of space to enter the information. Granted , when
they start typing they have more space but the form just looks bad.

I am trying to figure out how to make a Word Document with protected Form
Field, using Text Form Fields and NOT have the words after the field move
forward (as if I have a tabbed section in front of it) when the Text Form
Field is completed. I need to Form Field to complete and NOT move the words
in front of it. Is this possible? Thank you. Deb

When creating a Word Template, is it possible to lock the location of Text
Form Fields so they do not move?

How do I get text form fields to word wrap in an MS Word form when the
questions and fields are within a row of a larger table?

Thank you!

How do I get text form fields to word wrap in an MS Word form when the
questions and fields ar

We've discovered what appears to be a glitch within Word 2007 tables when
using legacy text form fields within protected table cells.

We have defined Arial as our global font within Normal.dotm, and initially
when we create the form fields in the table cells the default font applies.

However, after the form is protected and users input text into the form
field, if they use the delete key repeatedly to remove the text, it somehow
is changing the properties of the form field which results in the font
changing to Cambria Math.

I've been able to recreate the problem, and it only happens with legacy text
fields that reside in protected table cells, if you don't use the delete key
past the last character the default font remains, on extra delete past the
last character and you can visually see the size of the text field change and
convert to the new font.

Any ideas?

Text form field in table-once protected how to "word wrap" without the "form"
moving down one line
jeff w

i'm trying to make a template form in ms word and would like to use a text
form field like i've seen with other documents but no one i know knows how to
make one. can anyone help me?

an also i would like to know about having boxes in the form and you just
click it and a X would appear inside the box.


I do not have a huge understanding of computers, so please bear with me. I
have created a password protected table in Word with Text Form Fields. I
want the cells of the table to expand as information is added. Right now,
the text form field will accept my information, but when we reach the bottom
of the cell, you cannot read what we have typed.

Thanks for your help!
Jill Bailey

In previous version of word you were able to insert a text form field by
clicking on the 'ab' button on the toolbar. You could then assign a type,
default text and bookmark etc.
How can this be done in word 2007 as the 'ab' button seems to have

I created a form in Word. I added a text form field. My question is,
how can I default margin wraps. When I type a sentence that is longer
than the current line, it does not wrap to next line. It just
continues way out of the margins. I have to hit enter at the end of
the line to go to the next. Can anyone help me?

We're finding two issues with spellecheck:
1. Spellcheck seems to bypass content entered into a text form field
2. Once spellcheck is done and you add more content, you just receive
'spellcheck complete', even though there are misspelled words.

Is there a way to enable? These are templates and we unprotect them to do
spellcheck and create envelopes. Any info would be appreciated.

I discovered a strange "glitch" while trying to type the word "benifit"
(yes, I know it's misspelled) into a text form field that was created
using the Forms toolbar. Every time I would type the word misspelled
like that, it would delete it from the box. I have tried typing other
intentionally misspelled words, but so far no other word has been

My only interest in this is purely out of curiousity, since the correct
spelling of the word goes through fine, but does anyone know what could
be causing this strange behavior?

Thanks for your time,

Eric H.
St. Louis, MO

i have a fax form that has text form fields so when i open it starts typing
in the first field then i can tab to the next field. The last text form field
is the body and other users in the office that use this fax in word want to
be able to underline and change color of the text. Is there a way of doing
that without unlocking the form. Or is there a way of starting the cursor
where i need it to start when i open the document, and tab to the next spot i
need to type without moving the text in front? ex: curser starts after TO:
then i need to tab to after FROM: and so on. when i get to the body of my
document after MESSAGE: this is where i need to be able to underline and so
on. This has to be easy as peope in my office want to be able to open, type,
change what they want and send. i hope you know what i mean and please help.

I have a very simple need but can't figure out how to satisfy it: I have a
short form letter with 11 text form fields. I simply want to be able to tab
from one field to another. Setting Tab stops is not the answer because the
fields are not in-line. I do not want to use mail merge because the volume of
the letters is rather small and it would not be time-effective to create a
data source just for them. Does Word have a simple way to do this?

I am trying to create a very simple form in Word 2010 (RTM, on Win7) which
has three fields: Qty, Unit Price, Ext. Price. Am using the legacy Text Form
field for each. The details on how I set up properties is below.
I restrict editing and then save it (as a DOTX, DOCX or even DOC-tried all),
and then open it to type values in my fields. Here's the problem: the fields
do not format the data as instructed. For example, I type in a unit price of
$1.50 and it saves the value of "1". That's it, just the number 1, and does
not format it as instructed (as currency). It displays the qty correctly,
but it strips out the currency formatting for Ext. Price as well. All
calculations are working (based on the values it saves in the form field, not
the values I've typed in), but the formatting is in error, and that makes the
calculation results wrong.

When I go back and view properties for each field, the number format is
blank - as if I never selected/changed it. If I select again, restrict,
save, and try again, still no formatting.
What might be causing this? I've tried in an old document and a brand new
one and the same thing happens. Information from this point forward is
supplemental about how I set properties for each field.

After I insert each field, I open the Properties and make appropriate changes:
Qty field: Number type, unlimited length, number format #,##0, calculate on
exit checked.
Unit Price field: Number type, unlimited length, number format
$#,##0.00;($#,##0.00), calculate on exit checked.
Ext price field: Calculation, unlimited length, number format
$#,##0.00;($#,##0.00), calculate on exit NOT checked.
Editing restrictions are set to allow only Filling in forms.

Thanks for any insights you might have.

I f more text is typed in the text form field box then its standard size the
other form fill boxes to the right all move over to accommodate the
additional text. Is there a way to increase the text form field box?

In a protected Word 2007 form document, text form fields work until one check
box is checked in the document, then all text form fields are locked out and
you cannot type into them.