Word document not printing like on screen/ in print preview?

I have a word document that appears perfect on the screen and in print
preview, but when I print it (to different printers, to PDF, save as PDF,
etc.) it changes.

Most of the changes seem to involve shrinking lines that are blank
underlining (not my document, someone else created a form, but it should work
regardless, right?).

I've verified that it's a true type font that they're using as well.

Anyone have any ideas why this happening?

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I need to have a word document and the internet on screen at the same time.

Many of our workstations are plagued with a printing problem. We have these
protected forms on our Intranet. They will fill out these forms and
save/print them. The problem is when they click print, the text condenses
and overlaps into a single character per line. So the field descriptor,
"First Name" will actually look like the overlap of all those characters in
the space single character. This will happen on the screen and on the
printed document.

There are two [unacceptable] work-arounds to this issue:

Firstly, they can go to File Print... select a different printer, Click
Close. Then go back to File Print and select the right printer and click

Secondly, they can go to File Print... and click the Properties button for
that printer. They can click OK at the properties screen and then click

The problem IS NOT printer specific. Meaning, it's not an HP print driver
issue. To prove this point, I set the default printer in Windows to the
PDFCreator printer (a local 3rd party program on the computer). It did the
exact same jibberish thing when printing to PDF as it did sending the job to
our networked HP Color Laser Jet 5550 and HP Laser Jet 8000 and HP Laser Jet

Furthermore, I captured the PostScript print job to a PRN file. Using a 3rd
party program, I sent that PRN file to other printers and it printed with the
same text garbage. I viewed the PRN file using GSView (GhostScript) and the
same garbage was rendered on the screen.

I made the assumption that print drivers were out of date. Nope, we're

I made the assumption that there was something wrong with the word document,
so I selected the entire document and did a CTL+Q to remove all formatting.
I reprotected it and it printed with the same squoosed text.

I made the assumption that there was some meta data hidden in the document
so I acquired a 3rd party program to scrub the document of hidden data.
Nope, still garbage when printing.

I made the assumption that the word document itself was corrupt. So I
recreated FROM SCRATCH and retyped everything with no copy/paste. I
reprotected it. Sorry, still have the same text garbage when printing.

An observation, it's not just affecting one computer it's affecting what
appears to be random computers. What's strange is that we have a 3rd party
automation tool to build each one of these computer unattended. So, in
theory, they should all be reasonably similar.

Another observation, the garbled/compressed text only displays on screen in
Normal and Print "View" modes. Not the Web mode. Regardless of what mode
it's in, it will always print like crap.

Another observation, if I protect the document for Comments or Tracked
Changes (not for Form Fields), it prints just fine.

Another observation, if we save the document as a protected RTF, it prints
just fine. However, protected RTF doesn't have a password feature, so that
solution is out.

The common thread here is that this is affecting Word documents that are
protected for Form Fields. If I unprotect the word document, it prints just
fine. However, the form fields are rendered useless unless it's protected,
so that solution is out.

I have a document (XP) that contains an automated table of contents.
For some reason, when you view the file on screen in Print Layout, the
numbers appear, but when you view it in Print Preview, the numbers are
all the same.
We can print the file on our small printer, but our print shop has the
same problems with the page numbers.
The headings that are attached to the TOC are outlined number, and I'm
wondering if that's what is causing this.
I've never had a problem with a TOC before like this.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give me!


I have create a form in word with several dropdown boxes. These dropdown
boxes require the use of an ampersand. I understand by typing two ampersands
in the dropdown item it will display correctly in the drop down box however
on screen or print they do not display correctly. How can I correct this.



I have a 9 page Word document with 18 separate tables and a small
amount of text. Each table is about 7 rows long and 2 columns wide.
Almost all the cells in each table are empty (it's a budget template)
except for some text in the first row.

The file is 371KB. When I print to a network printer, the file size in
the print queue grows to 21MB and it takes forever (about 10 min) to

The document has been printed on several different printers from
several different computers. Each time the same thing happens.

Anyone know what's going on here?


I am trying to figure out why my hyperlinks in a Word document won't work on
a pdf file - any ideas?

I actually have two questions.
How do you select a toolbar that does not appear on screen in office 2007?

In Microsoft applications what does a triangle appearing on a menu indicate?

For some reason gray tablet-like lines are appearing whenever I open a new
Word document. You can't see them in Print Preview though. How do I get rid
of them.

I am using Word 2003. When I insert pictures, I am unable to see them unless
I go to Print preview. Is there an easy way to view pictures in a Word
document without the need to be in print preview?

I typically work from home connecting to my office using the remote desktop
connections and I save all my word and excel documents on an external hard
drive connected to the server. Today I went into the office and connected to
a work station that is directly linked to the server and couldn't access my
word documents that were saved on the external hard drive, but I could access
the excel documents. Anybody have any ideas?

How do i create a button on a word document that when clicked on will open
outlook and add that document as an attachment?


All of a sudden I can hardly see what I'm typing on my WORD document screen,
using a 12-pt. font. I tried it in all Views but now can only read it easily
in the Web view. I've not had this problem before. Help, please. Thank you.

My word document will print normally from Word 2000, but when I pull the same
document up in Word 2003 it is not printing across the entire page 8.5 x 11
portrait. Has anyone experienced this problem? Any and all help would be

My problem is that my documents open on the left side of my screen when the
zoom is set to 100% in print layout view. I have Word 2003 at work and I just
got a new 24" widescreen monitor. My documents always appeared in the center
of the screen on my old monitor, but since the new monitor is so big,
whenever I open a document in print layout view, it now shows up on the left
side of the screen when the zoom is set to 100%. It also displays two pages
at a time with multi-page documents. I can get a single document to appear in
the middle of the screen if I increase the zoom to 111%, but the problem with
this is that the text now appears bold, which is very distracting for me. On
the flip side, if I
set the zoom to view the whole page, it shrinks the document to 92%, which is
a littler smaller than I would like. All I want to do is see the document in
the middle of the screen at 100%. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
a lot.

Bullet operator replaces space character on screen in Word but does not
print. How did I manage to do this and how can I undo it??

I have hyperlinks in my Word document that takes the reader back to the top
of the document that contains multiple forms. Each form has hyperlink text
after it to return to the top of the main document. Is it possible to make
it so that the hyperlinks do not print if the user chooses to print any of
the forms in the document? Thanks.

Please help! I am having trouble with a document in Word 2003 showing up one
way on screen, and then printing out differently (for example, the word
"including" showed up on page one on my screen, but when I printed it out, it
was actually on page two. This is causing problems when we have to print out
parts of final documents later on. I can't see anything in Formatting or
Codes that explains why this sometimes happens.

I chose a theme under the format tool bar in a word document. . . it looks
great on my screen as a background, but when i look under print preview or
actually print the document the background is white. . . i have tried on a
couple different printers, so how do i get it to print with the theme i chose
as the background?

I wish to have certain text show on screen in a MS Word doc, but do not want
it to show on the doc when printed. What are the instructions to do this?