Quotation marks: have to hit space bar for them to appear

I use Word in Office 2003. Whenever I type quotation marks, they do not
appear on the screen unless I hit the space bar. It happens at the beginning
and the end of a quote. It seems to be the only character that behaves that
way. Does not matter if I use smart or regular quotation marks.
I cannot find anything relating to this behavior in the various tabs in Word.

Any ideas?


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Word doesn't seem to show inverted commas properly. I have to hit space bar
to get them to show on the screen. Sometimes they appear as European
charaters ö.

I have a new laptop purchased in Belgium. My language is set to US English.
However, quotation marks seem to be formatted to convert vowels to German
umlauts. E.g., Ä Ö Ü is the result of typing the quotation mark key followed
by the vowel, instead of showing a quotation mark. For consonants, I have to
type the key twice for a quotation mark to show, and then it's two quotation
marks side by side: "" So I have to go back and delete one of them. At the
end of my quotation, the mark doesn't show until I hit the space bar to start
the next word, and then there's no space between it and the next word.
Example, end of quote"here's the next word

I'm using Office 2000 and if I type an apostrophe I have to press space bar
before the next character, otherwise the next character becomes accented.

Is there a way to turn off this option as I very rarely need to accent a
character but I do often need to type an apostrophe!

Thanks for your help.

When I go back in the document and want to edit I hit space bar and it
deletes words its a big pain how can I make it stop?

when i hit space bar it erases my text

When pasting an image I have to hit enter to view it, and if I scroll down
the page it disappears and have to hit enter again. If I just left click on
the image I see the borders of the image but not the actual image. I have
run the office update tool and everything is fine. Please help as this is
very annoying.

I am using MS Office Word 2003. I have my keyboard set for English. When I
strike the shift and quotation mark nothing appears on the screen until I hit
the space bar. If the letter a follows the qoutation mark in the text it
automatically inserts an umlaut, or German symbol, over the a. How can I get
the program to display a qoutation mark as it should with an English keyboard?

can anyone help me as to what is going on . . .
I DON'T LIKE Microsoft but now and then need to use it and today when I when
to make up a letter . . . there was like a backwords p already there and when
I hit the space bar I get dots and I put a picture in my letter and the
template seem to automatically make margins from the picture.
UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH can anyone help me what I have working here and how I undo
it and get back to using my Microsoft word like the last time I was in it


Autocorrect is performing its replacement before I hit the space bar. For
example, if I type "Tehran" it automatically changes to "Theran" since
Autocorrect replaces the initial "Teh" with "The."

Is there anybody who knows how to fix this problem? I want Autocorrect to
replace words as I type, but only after I've hit the space bar.

Thank you!

I used to be able to type in Word, and delete text by simply hightlighting
what I wanted to delete, and hit the space bar. With Windows XP and new
computer I cannot do this, but must either hit DEL or backspace over the
stuff I want to delete. Does anyone know what to set in Word so that HITTING
I've used this option for years and now it wont' work.

Why do I have to hit the space bar after putting in a " for it to appear, how
can I change that?

I know there was a post about Word 2003, but that didn't solve my problem.
Every time I enter a quotation mark, I have to press space or it either
doesn't show up or changes to another symbol when I add in a vowel. My
language settings are all English and I am operating in Windows Vista. Please

I want to highlight a sentence and delete it by pressing the space bar. What
do I have to set to do that?

I often use backspace to erase sections of misspelled words...when I then hit
the "space " bar to move the next word or letter forward it will erase
instead. This is driving me crazy. Please help!

When I try to enter my closing quotation marks, they do not appear until I
double space. When I try to enter my opening quotation marks folowed by an
"O", they do not appear. Instead the following symbol appears, Ö. Can
anyone help?

Help...why do apostrophe marks and parentheses only appear in pairs (ie, I
have to hit the button twice and then they appear in sets). These are located
on the same key on my laptop.

How do I get the space bar to insert a space instead of a perion (or dot) as
it is doing now?

I keep getting a "Delete Yes/No" prompt on my task bar after highlighting
text and then hitting the delete button. I then have to hit the Y key to
tell it yes, I do want this deleted. It's an irritating extra step.

In OpenOffice.org there is a setting to replace ordinary quotation marks
("quote") with grammatical quotation marks (»quote«) - but I can't seem to
find this setting in Microsoft Word...