When printing, text in cells shift to the right & cut off...help!

I have an invoice set up in word and have tables throughout the document. The
cells in the tables contain one word (i.e. DATE), which is centered or right
justified in the cell. When I print the document, the word will shift to the
right and the end of the word is cut off. To get it to print correctly, I
need to go into each cell and adjust the margins of each cell to move the
word to the left. Left justified text is fine when it prints. Everything
looks perfect on the screen.

This doesn't happen in every invoice I print; it seems to be random
occurrence. I have changed various print settings, table settings...even our
IT guy here at work doesn't know why it sometimes prints different from what
I see on the screen. And it doesn't matter which printer I use (we have five
different printers here on site)...please help!!

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Frequently when i print word documents, i get an error "the margins of
section 1 are outside the printable are, do you want to continue". If i print
the doc it is shifted to the right about 3 inches and part of the doc is lost
when printed. In print preview it looks okay. Anyone know what causes this.
The margins are standard for an 8.5 x 11 page

I created a table in Word 2003, The table takes up the entire width of the
page. I have inserted pictures in some of the cells, I have text in other
cells. I have all cells set to center justify. The cells with text are set
to wrap the text. When I look at the table in Word it is exactly how I want
it. When I look at it in print preview it is fine. When the document is
printed, the contents of all cells shift to the right about a 1/2 inch,
cutting off the right edge of the cell contents. The columns do not shift,
just the contents. I have messed with the margins of the doc, the margins in
the table, the indents in the cells. When I set the cell contents to left
justify they do not shift right, but the text extends beyond the right border
of the cell (basically cutting off some of the text). I have done many of
these tables in Word and this is the first time I have run into this problem.
Anyone have any suggestions I could try?

Thank you for you help.

Section 1: Different 1st page headers, Orientation set to Portrait,
Table in 1st page header is centered
Section 2: Headers are not 'Same as Previous', Orientation set to Landscape,
Table in 1st page header is centered

Whenever rows are added to the section 1 1st page header table so that
the table height exceeds approximately 4", portions of that table print
offset to the right. It appears that it may be trying to be centered in
Landscape (orientation of section 2) even though section 1 is Portrait.
approximately 4".

If necessary, I will be glad to send this document as an attachment so
that it can be examined.

All help is greatly appreciated.
Tim Shaffer

I am using Word 2003 SP1 with Windows XP and a Laserjet 4V. I want to print
a booklet using 8.5" x 5.5" half-sheets - ending with a booklet of 4.25" x
5.5". When I set my page up this way it appears fine, but when I print, all
of my text prints shifted to the right approximately 1" too far, so pages 1 &
3 run off the page, and pages 2 & 4 print through the fold.

If I set my paper size to be 8.5" x 11", it prints out fine, but I'd rather
have the smaller size. I'd also rather not copy my text twice onto the 8.5"
x 11" paper and then cut it.

Any ideas

For some reason when I print (HP1100 Laser Jet) using MS Word some documents
print half the page (it is shifted to the right and cutoff by about 40-50%)

This doesnt happen on ALL documents, and the page layout/margins, etc look
good. I reinstalled the print driver as well from HP's website.

It only happens when I print to my local HP1100 printer.

Any help would be appreciated.

I accidentally reset something in Word such that when I type new text it
replaces characters to the right rather than spacing as it should do. Please
advise how I can fix this or reset some option in Word to return to my normal

Thank you,


I have a word document used by multiple people in our office. The
document is a form fill-in, with multiple protected and unprotected
areas. For one individual, when she prints the document, the cell
contents shift to the right and truncate when the document is sent to
the printer. It also seems that cells where the contents wrapped have
stopped wrapping. The document appears OK on screen and in Print
Preview. Of course, it's working fine for me. I can't duplicate any of
her problems.

I found an article from about a year ago on this topic titled
"Contents of a Table in Word 2003 shift when printed". This is my
problem too. Unfortunately, the only reply to that topic was made in

Any help would be appreciated.


I am trying to make mailing retun labels with the company logo, then to the
right the return address. When in word I use tools envelopes & labels
New document I get the page layed out with all the label boxes. Now my
problem is when i want to put the logo in the corner of the box
(height/length is about 2.5 cm X 5 cm's) I can fit it in by resizing and it
is OK. Now the big problem is getting the return adress text to the rigth of
the logo. When I type the text is at the bottom of the label box by the
logo, not at the top of the label box by the logo.

I am about to go crazy with this, please help.

Thanks in advance

Recently I have had problems printing documents from Word 2003. When I view
the document with print preview everything looks normal. When I print the
document it is shifted to the right half of the page. Only part of the
document prints on the first page and the balance prints on the second page.
What do I need to do to fix this problem?

Insert the formfields inside the cells of a table with fixed cell

Hope this helps.

Please reply to the newsgroup unless you wish to avail yourself of my
services on a paid consulting basis.

Doug Robbins - Word MVP, originally posted via msnews.microsoft.com
"patza" wrote in message

There is an inch of white space to the right of a document that will not
format. The ruler at the top of the page stops at 7.5 inches, instead of
extending to the 8.27 inches it should be for A4.

Printing takes the missing inch into account, which offsets all the text on
the page, but refuses to use it for the print image, which means that the
text image is reduced. This is really weird. The document text has passed
through a lot of different applications and came to me as an rtf that had
been edited in OpenOffice

I created a table with 3 columns and many rows. When I type in the cell the
right margin of the table goes off to the right and off the screen. How can I
set the wrapping so it doesn't go off the page? I tried TableTable
PropertiesTableAround and it does nothing.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Sometimes when I paste a table into some documents, the left margin of each
cell shifts to the right throughout the entire pasted table & tabs are added.

I don't always have this problem when I paste this particular table, only
sometimes. It works fine in some docs & strange in others.

I am using W2003 & am not using the built in table styles.

Any one have any idea why this would happen & how I can resolve this?

I seem able to manually adjust it but the fix is temporary. If I apply a
style to the cells, it will slide back over the way it was. Sometimes other
tables (already in the doc) seem fine; other times some other tables in the
doc have the same problem.



When viewing a Master Document in Print Preview, it appears to have the
correct margins, styles, spacing, etc. When I print it, the margins are
incorrect, forcing the text far to the right, cutting off the right side of
the text, the fonts are incorrect, etc. When I print one of the Subdocuments
individually, everything prints correctly. I have attempted to print the
Master Document from different computers on our network, and on different
printers. The Master Document prints incorrectly in all cases. I've
attempted to create and assign a new template to the Master Document, copying
settings from one of the individual Subdocuments, with no success.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Creating a Pricing Table: Cells act Like there is additional data to the
right of the first key stroke. Back spacing 1 stroke to remove that data
still leaves the cell acting like there is more data. The second back stroke
will remove it. But it is just a repetitive process that I cannot find a
solution. Following is the comment submitted to MS Feedback.

Can't figure out why multiple efforts to don't show what the cell is
"seeing". Have started from scratch several times. Want to "Center the entry
horizontally and vertically in the cell. With table set to automatically
resize to contents (it is a very small "icon" initially) the 1st key stroke
puts a character in the cell which creates an inch "space" to its right. One
backspace will eliminate the character, but still leave this "space". All
subsequent actions reflect this "space" regardless of "Left Center Right"
positioning - and the same holds true with setting fixed cell sizes -

I want to add a symbol, it is a "check: mark. I would like to add it to the
right of some text. I can see how I could use FORMAT- Bullets and numbering
to add the check mark to the left of some text, but, I could not see how to
add it to the right. Additionally, I tried to add a symbol but did not see
the check mark in the the collection of symbols that I could add. Any tips on
how to add a check mark?

I have a Cannon i550 ptinter. I cannot get it to print the return address and
the main address in the correct place on an envelope that measures 4 1/8x 9
1/2 #10
It prints both addrees several inches to the right on the envelope

I want my editorial comments, the ones in teh little yellow squares, to be
shown on the page, to the right of the text, as callouts. I have seen this
on my computer at work, I guess in another version of MS Word. Where do I
change that option on Word here at home?

When I type text into a Word document, the text wraps before it reaches the
right margin. I've tried resetting my "default" settings to old documents
where I didn't have this problem, but whenever I open a new document, the
same problem appears.