spell check form fields

I have created several forms that need to be protected. However, I need for
the user to be able to spell check the data entered into the form. How can I
do this? I tried the suggestion of taking the check mark out of do not proof
but that did not work. Any easy suggestions?


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Spell check ignores words that appear in form fields. Does anyone know how to
get it to spell check form fields contents?

I am new to online user groups. I tried to post a question and was notified
via email that I had responses. Unfortunately, I don't know how to find or
view the responses. I am still trying to get a macro that will spell check
form fields without wiping them out. Any ideas?

Can you spell check text that is in locked form fields?
Thanks in advance
Liz Montereo

I am creating a Performance Review document using Word 2003 and Form Fields.
Is it possible to have the spell checker active within form fields? Some
fields hold 1000+ words.

I am creating a form that users will complete in Word. Is there any way to
use Spell Check with the Text Form Fields?
Word doesn't automatically spell check the fields and if you select the
text, the Spell Check Icon is greyed out.

We use FORMS with Fields a lot. (Created originally as a template)
IE: Medical Evaluation Forms - with fields that require "more than one
word" in the specific field. Our clients enter information into the fields -
sometimes up to 30 words. We need to have the ability to Spell/Check the
information entered into these fields. The Spell/CHeck appears to be
disabled and I can not find a work around.
Can some one help??

I had a macro for spell checking forms for Office 97 Word form fields. The
macro is not working for Office 2003 based Word form fields. Here is my old

Sub FormsSpellCheck()

' If document is protected, Unprotect it.
If ActiveDocument.ProtectionType wdNoProtection Then
ActiveDocument.Unprotect Password:=""
End If

' Set the language for the document.
Selection.LanguageID = wdEnglishUS

' Perform Spelling/Grammar check.
If Options.CheckGrammarWithSpelling = True Then
End If

' ReProtect the document.
If ActiveDocument.ProtectionType = wdNoProtection Then
ActiveDocument.Protect Type:=wdAllowOnlyFormFields, NoReset:=True
End If

End Sub

I would like to create a form, and be able to lock it so that it cannot be changed. But I would like to allow users to spell check the information that they put in these forms. Is this possible?


I have created a form, but I can not spell check the form when it is lock. I
need the information that typed into the form to be spell checked and The
only way to spell check the form that I created is to unlock the form. Does
anyone know how to spell check the form without unlocking the form. Or is
that the only way to spell check a form you created.
dawn a.

Is there a way to allow spell checking on protected fill-in form?

How do I run a spell check of the comments field?

I have a form at work that I have put form fields in so that a user is able
to tab to the appropriate spots and fill them out. The problem I have is
that to do this the document has to be locked. When it is locked we are not
able to spell check. Is there something I can do about this, because I can't
get it to tab to the fields unless I lock the document. Thanks for anyones
help i can get on this. Am I missing an easier method?

When I make a form out af a document in Word is there any way of spell
checking the feilds that are filled in? Just spell checking the document
dosen't seem to do anything. Whether the form is "locked" or "unlacked" only
the form itself is checked not the fields that are filled in.

I have several forms that have fields in them that need to be spell checked.
I read the previous posts, but am not sure I understand the directions. I
would appreciate it if someone could start from the beginning and tell me how
to do this. I've never written or used a macro before so I appreciate any
help I can get.

Thanks in advance

I was wanting to know how to use the spell checker in a text form field.
When I check it, an error pops up and says it is marked do not check
spelling. How do I change this. On the same form I have a text form field
right above the one the doesn't get checked and that on gets spell checked.
Why is this and how can this be changed?


I've tried to get the RunSpellCheck macro to work - no luck as yet.

I create a new macro, delete out the automatic stuff that MS Office adds in,
paste the macro as is. I delete out the dashed lines otherwise I get a
compile error.

Then I run the macro to test and no deal. It comes up with spell check
complete despite there being terrible typos in the form fields.

Any *simple* help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


I have found macros that check every form field in the form. I need to check
only one form field because other fields contain info that will always be
incorrectly spelled. Does someone have a macro that will successfully check
the one field based on the bookmark name or any other reference?

I have created a form with text form fields. After filling in the form, I am
unable to run spell check on the text that I've added in the text form fields.

text field used on form will not spell check. How is spell check enabled for
form fields?