whilst I typing the curser jumps to another line ... whats wrong?

I am marking essays and have to make comments curser starts popping arand
midway in the typing the round.

see what I mean!

I am marking essays and have to make c ... omments and the curser starts
....popping arround midway in the typing

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Whenever I type the word "you" on a Word document, or within the text of my
email, the cursor jumps and part of the word skips over to another part of a
previous sentence. I have to manually move the cursor to where it should be
and retype the word slowly. How can I fix that problem?

when I type on a notebook, the cursor has a tendency to jump to some other
line above the one where I'm typing, and suddenly I'm typing up there instead
of where I want to be. I'm not accidentally hitting any special keys, I'm
not accidentally hitting the touch pad, I've tried turning down touchpad
sensitivity just in case. this has happened on several different brands of
notebooks and at least two versions of Word. any idea how to fix?

When I am typing my cursor tends to jump to another location in the sentence
or paragraph. Help!!

when I am typing it will jump to where the curser is and place what I am
typing there. How do I stop this happening?

As I enter words into a document they jump to another position in the Word
document. My Microsoft Office package was puchased on the same day as my new
lap top, 47/04/06. My Norton virus checker (came with the laptop) clears all
of the microsoft* of the word documentation and all of my computerfiles.
Norton virus,latest version, *Office files and my word documents updates
continually over the internet. This problem is extreemely distracting as it
occures. The *'s are an example of the problem, and they are as they occured
during the typing of this message

Whenever I type the Y letter (well most of the times) like in the word "you",
I find the cursor moves to above line and the ou etc is typed above...
Tried all my antivirus anti parasite .... no good... please help!

how do i stop the cursor jumping up a line or three every few seconds while i
am typing a word document? i am hoping there is something obvious that i am
just missing. please help!

I am typing up an urgent, long report. Too often, I look up and see that the
cursor has jumped to another part of the page and the typing has carried on
elsewhere. This is driving me mad and my report is taking me twice as long
to type up.

When I type in Word or Outlook 2007 or even this Internet Explorer form on my
laptop, my cursor jumps to different lines or another part of the same line
for no reason as I type and it is quite the pain. Any idea what causes this?
I have Office Professional 2007 with Windows Vista. Is this the operating
system or Office 2007?

Help, I have uninstalled and reinstalled Word 2007 and I still have the same
I type the first line and then hit enter and the next line is on the bottom
of the page. I have to keep hitting the enter key until I fill the page with
lines and then I am able to start my second line when I scroll back up to the
top of the page. I have looked into everything I know to look at - page set
up, paragraph default settings, shortcut key instructions - how do I stop it
from doing this?


Possessed Curser in MS Outlook and word 2003.
Curser jumps to a new section of text and starts typing from that point on.
Eg: if I am replying to an email, I hit reply, then I begin typing the new
email reply, as I type the curser will jump to any section of the original
message and start typing from the point on without any action from me. As
was the case when I type this request for assistants, the curser simply jumps
back a number of characters, moves up or down one or two lines as I type, for
no reason, almost like someone is pushing the tab key only not as uniform,
the curser can end up anywhere on a page of text, this happens in both MS
outlook or word 2003 which I use as my default word processor. Can anyone
help me?

How can I stop the cursor jumping around to different points in the text when
I'm typing in Word (MS Office XP Professional)?

In Word 2007 As I am typing in a long document about every sixth line about
six spaces in the curser jumps up the page but the letters keep typing where
the curser had been even though the page is now up higher than it had been.
Is there a fix for this?

A user is working in a multi-page table. when she clicks Save, the document
jumps to the top of the Word document.
This happens in every type of doc, not just with tables, though.

When I type a space after a word, the cursor moves to the right by the width
of a fairly large space. Then when I type the first letter of the next word,
the size of the space shrinks down to a more normal width. Why does this
happen, and why only in some documents?

Also, I find that the gap that Word gives me if I type one space after a
period at the end of a sentence, is too small, but if I type two spaces Word
gives me a gap that's about 5 times bigger than the gap with one space.
What's going on?

When I type the letter "y" my cursor moves to an earlier point in the text.
Why is this?


When I type the letter "y" it often times takes me back to an earlier point
in my text. Why? This is very frustrating

How can I get the table toolbar to automatically appear when I am creating or
editing a table in Word 2003. I do not want the toolbar to be remain on all
the time.

I need the header row to repeat in a table. There are no page nor section
breaks. I have highlighted the row and clicked "Repeat Header Row". The row
does not repeat. I have viewed the document in print preview and printed it.