create drop down box in word 2007

How do I create a drop down box in word 2007?

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Is it possible to create a drop down list in Word 2007? In order to save
room on a form document I want to create pick list for users to select values
and only display the value picked.

What's the easiest way to create a drop down box in Word 2007?

So i have figured out how to create a drop down box in word but I am only
limited to 25 choices. I need at least 55 choices for this to work. I am
creating a drop down box for all the state agencies in Ohio so i need more
than 25 selections. I am wondering if there is a way to get more selections
in a drop down box or if there is another way to go about this. Any help is
greatly appreciated in advance!!


Where is the auto text drop down menu in Word 2007?

I have two theme fonts in the font drop down list in Word 2007 that I want to
remove. Can you help me do this???

I would like to insert symbols (&, @, % etc in a drop down box in WORD. I
have some customers names (Tom Jones & Son, Larry Smith @ ABC Company). How
can I do this. I type the symbols in the "drop-down item" box, but when I use
that item, the symbol does not appear. Nor when I print the form it does not

Is is possible to use an external reference for a drop down box in word? I
have several forms that use scientist names and do not want to change all the
forms when a new scientist joins the team.

I am trying to create a drop-down list in Word 2007 that I can populate.
Every time I try to manipulate the box it says that it is blocked.

It was easy to create drop down menus in previous word applications by
clicking the button on the toolbar that let me type a word click "add" type
another one, click "add" and then ok and I would get a drop down menu
activated by clicking on the protect icon. How on earth can I do this in

I am creating a form in Word, and the text in the drop down boxes in green.
I want to change this to a different color but have not been able to find a

I have used the drop-down box in a Word Template file.
I don't seem to be able to activate the drop-down box using any of the
keyboard keys. Can anyone help me please.

I need to create a drop down box. I click on the drop down box in the
control box and it is added to my document. However, when I double click on
it to add contents, it takes me to the Visual Basic screen and the not the
properties box to add or change the drop down contents. What am I doing

Hi, I want to create drop down boxes in forms. Can't find the how-to in Word
2003 Help, or am looking in the wrong place. Simple instruction is best

I would like to know how to add a drop down box to an existing document please

How do I create a drop-down list using the content controls in Word 2007?

I need step-by-step instructions because I cannot get this to work.

I went to "Developer" Tab, I chose the "Drop-Down List" option. I went into
"Properites" and using "Add" put in all my drop-down choices. This never
worked. The options never populated and there was always funky text that
should have been where my title was.

I'd like to create a form that my employees where first choose someone's name
(or business name) from a drop down box, then have that choice prompt another
drop down list showing all of the addresses for that business. Is it
possible to do that in Word- I've only been able to make single drop down

I have created a simple word document. I created a drop down box using the
Forms toolbar. I entered the list of items I wanted the drop down bar to
show in the Drop Down Form Field Options. When I exit, I just have a
grayed-in area only showing the first entry, and there isn't anything to
click on to choose the other other entries. There is no drop down box arrow,
just a gray field with my first entry. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

I'm creating an order form. It has product choices, delivery date choices,
payment choices, imprint choices, and other options that would be perfect for
a drop down or pull down menu. I've worked a lot with Word but not in
creating these options. Any advice would be appreciated. Mauser

I know how to get the drop down box on my form, I just don't understand how
to input the choices so the drop down works like it's supposed to. I have
done this on InfoPath but I cannot embed it in an email other than an
attachment. I did a copy and paste of the drop down boxes I made in InfoPath
to Word and I can embed it into an email. The only thing with this is that
choices that are made on the form do not lock when placed in the email. I
don't understand the whole VBA part. I have been all over the internet
trying to find answers and came up with nothing. I would appreciate the help
from anyone who knows about this.