Watermark Picture Letterhead and Margin problem

I have a jpg image as our letterhead design. I inserted this image as a
watermark picture and adjusted it to cover the entire page.

How do I modify the margins without the affecting the watermark picture?

Any help appreciated.

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I'm currently working on a 70 page document which has had some design put
onto it by a colleague. He's basically inserted a picture (and put it to the
back of the text etc) on each page - with a different picture on odd pages
and even pages. The problem is, each time we make corrections, these pictures
go out of alignment and I have to spend ages realigning them. So, I guess I
have two questions:

1. Is it possible to 'fix' the position of these background pictures?

Or (which I think might be easier)

2. Is it possible to insert the pictures as printed watermarks but with
different ones on the odd and even pages.

I've searched through the newsgroup and haven't really found a clear answer
to the latter question. I've tried fiddling with the page setup settings, but
can't get differnet watermarks on odd and even pages.

Any help gratefully received!


I am a tech at PJC. All our users have MS Office 2003 SP2 and XP SP2. On
some PCs I can create a Word doc, right-click and Copy a picture (jpeg) from
a web site and paste it into the Word doc with no problems. On others I do
the same process but when I paste the picture it does not show. If I click
where I pasted the picture a box will appear but with no picture. On the
problem PCs I can paste the picture in to WordPad and Paint but not Word or
PowerPoint. I have set the options on the problem PCs the same as the
working PCs including NO checks in Picture Placeholders and Field Codes. On
the problem PCs I can do a Paste Special and select Bitmap or Device
Independent Bitmap and the picture WILL paste. My question is why does Paste
work on some but on others I have to use Paste Special?

Hi there,

Is there any way to strengthen a watermark picture? In other words, can we make it like a "quarter-tone" rather than the "eighth-tone" that it seems like now?

The original picture is nice and strong, but with it watermarked, it's barely visible...



After I have changed and saved a new default font and margins, when I open
Word up again, the setting have reverted to the previous ones.

I want to set up Word so that I have the choice at the press of a button of
printing to plain paper or printing a letter on formal letterhead and
continuation paper. I do have printer with three print trays. I am running
Windows Professional and Microsoft Office 2003.
Thanks for your help.

Can you help?
My word document has just flipped and the page looks squashed and margins
are not visible. All new documents are the same and I can't put it back to as
it was.

Hi there,

My page sizes and margins are all in pt. How do I get them to cm??


I hope someone can help me. I am at my wits end. Everytime i type a new
document and look under print preview, it looks all left aligned. so i go
into page set up and margins and try to fix the margins but when i click okay
i get this message saying "increasing right margins causes last colums to
become too narrow in some sections having unevenly spaced columns". I haven't
done anything to the document - it is completely blank but this message keeps
on popping up. I tried to look under search - all file folders and typed
normal.dot but nothing shows up. PLEASE HELP! I have a major paper due

Office 2003 service pack 2 copy and paste problem. When copying and pasting
sometimes the machine will still paste something that was copied several
occurances ago. This is starting to happen more often now, i wondered if
anyone has come across the same problem? any help would greatly be


In Word 2003, small envelopes stopped printing due to margin problems. Don't
know how to reset envelope magins. Using HP LJ1012 printer, which worked on
Win2000 OS, but seems to have changed under Win XP Pro. No idea why or how
something was changed. # 10 envelopes continue to work OK. Prints fine with
no error messages. 6 1/2 in env won't print OK - return address is truncated
on left.

I have an HP printer connected directly to my computer. Before upgrading to
2007 it worked fine, and since the upgrade it continues to work fine on all
programs except this one scenario.

The driver is setup to recognize that I have two trays, one for letterhead
and one for blank copy. It prints to blank copy until I tell it to print to
letterhead, then all further Word documents print to letterhead even after
telling it to switch back to blank copy. If I switch to Excel, it prints to
blank copy; same with notepad.

The computer has to be restarted get it to print to blank copy again.

I would like to create a letterhead design as a watermark element that
appears and prints normally (not faded) on every sheet. This would be so the
body of the letter could be typed with a left margin of say 2", then as it
continues to a second or third sheet, that side margin design automatically
shows up.

I've searched and searched for this and can't seem to accomplish this. Is
it possible? My boss doesn't want to type business letters in Publisher or
Adobe InDesign.

Any help is appreciated.

hi I am trying to make a letterhead template. when i put my picture
letterhead into the letterhead box i cannot get it to go all the way to the
edge of the paper - even if i turn margins to zero. not a printer problem as
i can print borderless photos. what is the problem and how do i fix it

We recently upgraded to a new PC running Windows 2002 XP SP3 and Office 2003
service pack 3. We also replaced our existing Canon IR 5870 with a new Canon
IR 3080i network printer. We are having fits with word printing to the new
systems printer as well as it's old local HP 1100A printer. I have had Canon
in twice thinking it was a printer setting problem. Have downloaded updated
printer drivers from HP for the old local printer model 1100A. But still am
having issues. When ever we try to print a multi page document to the
printers instead of duplexing they print the 1st page on both sides of the
document and then print page 2 on both sides etc. If we try to change a
margin setting in the document we get the "Margins outside of page width"
error and then when we click on "Fix" it shifts everything to the right by
about 2 1/4" and all of the text that should wrap disappears from the page
and the printer prints right up to and past the edge of the page. If any one
has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. I have thought about removing
word and reinstalling but since the PC was OEM built with Office 2003
installed I do not have a word 2003 disk to do the reinstall.

I am wanting to insert a Watermark into a single page document. The picture
I am using is a logo that I have on my hard drive and have no problem
inserting it into the document. My problem is that I want it to be centered
on the page, and it keeps going to the top left of the document. I have
inserted it into the doc and the header both but can not get the logo to
center on the page.

Fellow Forum Members,
My Manual is being done using Word 2003. It has a TOP and BOTTOM margin of 1
inch in the Headers And Footers mode. In addition, all of my graphics are
inside a drawing box. The Text Wrapping I have for all my drawing boxes is
set to "TOP and BOTTOM".

The problem I'm having is that I'm wasting a lot of time monkeying around
with positioning the big drawing boxes. For some reason they tend to
magnetise themselves to the top edge of the paper. This doesn't make sense
to me because it sticks itself to the top edge of the paper and not to the
bottom of the 1 inch HEADER I have setup. Why does the picture / drawing box
ignore the 1 inch Header and behave like a magnet to the top edge of the
paper? How can I setup a header that will prevent this from happening? Or
how do I adjust the picture / drawing box Top and Bottom Text Wrapping to
stop sticking to the top edge of the paper? I tried .5" setting for the TOP
and this does not prevent the picture / drawing box from sticking to the top
edge of the paper. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I am trying to make product labels with individual pictures in Word (again
lol). I have done this before with the help of this forum and so am familiar
with the issues and workarounds that are common and are dealt with on Graham
M's helpful site.

I am using the method of {INCLUDEPICTURE {MERGEFIELD "PhotoPath"
}*MERGEFORMAT} as the picture and Photopath as a column in my excel
spreadsheet that contains the rest of the product info. The field contains
the path is in exactly the following format: C:Documents and
Settingsoliver.mergeMy DocumentsPWC photo labelspicsPWC_FRS010.jpg

Problem is that this time I just cant get the pictures to appear where they
should. I have 10 labels to a page, and on my original excel file the first
picture is missing, so would be C:Documents and Settingsoliver.mergeMy
DocumentsPWC photo labelspics.jpg

This first file being missing seemed to cause word to pick a default image,
which happens to be a picture of a telephone I took ages ago. So this phone
image appeared in the first label, followed by the rest of the labels in the
correct place.

So far so good, I then decided I want to leave out the items with no photo,
and firstly tried deselecting them in the select merge recipients thing. This
had the effect of updating the text elements correctly, but leaving the
pictures as they are, keeping in the default phone picture and so having the
pics lined up against the wrong products.

I tried select all F9 and merging to a new document, I get various incorrect
results such as all pictures being the default phone one, all pictures
disappearing and all records changing to be the first one. I see when
pressing alt F9 that its changed the mergefield part in the INCLUDEPICTURE
command to an absolute path and so tried starting again with a brand new
INCLUDEPICTURE command with the mergefield photopath put back in. No good,
same problem.

I then tried making a brand new excel workbook with all products that are
missing pictures taken out and merged from that instead. No good, exactly the
same problem, still has the default images in where they would be if I merged
from the original data. I have tried deleting the INCLUDEPICTURE thing and
inserting a brand new one and its just ignoring me and putting the default
phone picture in again.

Im completely baffled, in fact I cant even find where the phone picture is
on my harddrive to see what happens if I delete it so I have no idea where
how or why word is finding it.

As I say, I managed to get this to work a few months ago but now am
completely stuck. The only difference is I am now using WORD 2003 instead of

please please help!

Word 2003 under Win XP.

I created a document by pasting together two separate documents, one of
which had a footer and also a watermark. I then began to add new sections
using Insert|Break|Next Page. When I went back to check on the appearance of
the document, I discovered three goofy things:

1. A header box had miraculously expanded to fill half of one page, pushing
the text down.

2. I was unable to clean up the footers (i.e. get one footer to repeat in
subsequent sections, as would normally be expected).

3. I was unable to delete the original watermark.

I solved my production problem by deleting all section breaks, copying all
of the document except the final para mark to a new document, and
reformatting. Thus far all seems fine.

But I was baffled by the behavior of this (admittedly kludged) document. I
believe I'm right in thinking that watermarks are somehow connected to
headers/footers. But it isn't clear to me exactly how. Could one of you
folks point me to something I can read/study that would help? And do you
have any guesses about why some of the behaviors I noted above took place?

Behaviors? Yikes. It sounds like I'm talking about a human subject here.
But thanks for any help. Tom

I have created a document using Word 2000. Upon opening the document in Word
2003, the right margin expands. There is a 2 seconds where the document page
layout is fine then for some reason the right side of the document expands
and leaves a large gap between the text and edge of page.
There is nothing wrong with Page set-up settings as they are the same as
other documents wihout this problem. Shifting the indents, page margins do
not help.
Copying and pasting the contents into a new document also causes the large
gap on the right side. The documents opens nomally in Word 2000.
Do i have a formatting problem? How do i find it? The Reveal formating
function doesnt help. How do i completely remove fomarting in the document.

Help needed.