How to make the line above a footnote align to left margin?

The line above the footnote is indented beyond the left margin and I can't
figure out how to realign that line with the margin. How do you move the line
above the footnote?

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how to make the page number start on a other file?
the previous file can vary the page number.

How to make the underline a different color then the word?

When dealing with a large table, there is too much content in a row, we can
make the row span pages. However, the corresponding columns cannot display
normally, actually blank instead. So when the row spans pages, how to make
the corresponding columns in pages display normally?( I mean the column, not
the title )

Does anybody know how to make the lines show up on a table when you print out
the document?

Thank you!

How to make the Office 2003 Advanced file search to find files by the "text
or property"? The Office 2003 sp2 Advanced file search does not find a Word
or Excel file by a word or a number in an excel cell.
Best regards,

Hi all,
I would like to show grid line in the word document, but who can
tell me How to show grid line in a word ducument?

i want to know how to make the computer say what i write on xp. i was playing
around with this earlier today on a different computer and can't for the life
of me figure out how to do it on my computer. please, if you know how, tell
me. i remember how i did it before. it was highlight what i want it to say,
hit the 'start' key, and then the 's', but it won't work now.

how to make the Word write bibliography in harvard style?

Could someone please share with me knowledge in how to listen the sound of a
word (s) from a written document in Microsoft Word?

I am making a form to send out to be returned with the blank lines filled
in...I don't know how to make he lines permanent so that words can be written
over them...

I'd very much appreciate it if someone could tell me how to make a suffix on
a number stay on the line with the number instead of raised up, such as 9th
or 3rd. Every time I type this in Word, the th or the rd is raised. I can't
seem to find a setting that will enable me to have it stay on the line like
it looks here.

I use the Word outline feature often but never figured out how to get text to
wrap only back to where the line above it begins. The default is to wrap back
to underneath the number or letter in my outline. I think an outline just
looks neater if there is a left margin slightly to the right of the Roman
numeral, letter or whatever. If I play with the margin it moves the whole
paragraph including the letter or number and this isn't what I want. Anybody
understand what I'm trying to do?

I am trying to print the lines in a table in a Word template so people can
fill in their addresses, phone numbers, etc. But the lines won't print. I
think the solution has something to do with borders, but I can't figure out
how to proceed.

I am using Word 2002 and I have a problem when I tried to insert a header.
There is always a line in the header by default. I want to remove the line.
Could anyone tell me how to do it? Thank you a lot.

How do I thicken lines of a table. I need to separate groups of Numbers by
adding a thicker line. How should I do this.

Using MS Word 2003, I cannot figure out how to
remove horizontal lines from a simple document.
At one point, I inserted the lines, I forget
exactly how, and now I want to get rid of them.

I did search around in Help but I couldn't find
out how to remove them.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Michael Eisenstadt

I created a rental form in Word with fill-ins and dropdowns. I need to know
how to make the basic, cost...etc to automatically default to
the attached receipt. I have tried cross ref, macros and bookmarks. None seem
to work. I'm totally confused now. This doc is a rental form for my job/3
part doc. pg1 is rental agreement 2nd pg is receipt and 3rd pg is rules and
regs. What am I doing wrong?

I am trying to create a list box in Word 2003 with several items to choose
from, I need to know how to create the list. Thank you

Somehow the size of my cursor (the vertical line where the text is inserted
when i type) in Word is very small. It is now 1/4 the height of the text. I
would like to know how to make the height of the cursor to be at least as
tall as the letters.