Tent Cards & Mail Merge

I am trying to mail merge to Avery Tent Cards 2 x 3.5 Item 559942 which are
4 per letter size page. These are business card size tent cards intended
for a place setting.

I cannot get the merge to go beyond the first card of the page.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I have a mail merge set up for tent cards. The problem I am encountering is
that the template and the cards have two cards on a page/sheet. But when I
do the merge, I get the same person's name on BOTH cards (the first two
cells, and also the second two cells).

I think I understand that I need to enter into my main document a next
record; however, the place I found this advice (an archive here in the
discussion group) explained it in a way that was frankly, above my head.....I
didn't grasp it. Can anyone describe in very step-by-step directions...or
guide me to some instructions that are simple? Or perhaps there is another
way to accomplish same thing?


I am creating name tents for a large performance. I have mail merged my
participants names onto the tent cards, but can't do it on both sides. I
have over 660 attending so creating by hand is not an option. Any
suggestions on how to print to two sides of a name tent using mail merge?

I'm trying to print address labels for my Christmas cards. Is it possible to
use Word's Mail Merge to print a different address for every label? If so how?
Never give up on your dreams

I want to do a mail merge with place cards - the name on both sides of card
with one of the names being upside down. As far as I know I can't do mail
merge with text box (rotated text).

I am attempting to create bus cards / badges using mail merge and i am using
heavy graphics. I have followed all directions - step by step but when I
merge the labels are all creating the same name on one page and moving the
new record to the next page, creating whole pages of each name, i need one
badge, card of each name. What can I do to correct this - or make sure this

I am trying to merge first names into the Avery style 5305 tent card template
in Word directly from Contacts in MS Outlook. The name should appear on both
sides of the folded tent card in the end.

Single sheet card stock. Create two double post card each with an address
with mail merge from data in Access.

I currently use PowerPoint to make two sided tent cards, but I'm going to
need to make a lot of them for upcoming classes and I wondered if anyone had
figured how to do them in Word using mail merge.

I'm attempting to create a mail merge document for tent cards (6" w x 7" h).
On the template, the first and last names on "one" side of the card have to
be rotated (upside down) in order to print correctly. Word will not let me
rotate the F_Name and L_Name fields. I can get my template set up perfectly
in PowerPoint but I don't know how to merge a data document with PowerPoint
.... same with an Excel data document. Also, field names ... do they have to
be renamed to F_Name1 and L_Name1 (or something similar) to accommodate four
"separate" fields? That means typing the names twice.

I would appreciate ANY help anyone can provide. Thanks!

using mail merge I can't figure out how to print a post card?

I have an Excel database of 287 names. I want to create 1 page of business
cards for each name using mail merge and a label template. I can put in the
fields but it only prints one card for each name. How do I make it create one
full page for each name?

i want to use mail merge to print invitation cards. I want decorate cards in
word and write each individual name on ot. I can have 5 cards on one single
A4 page.
Please help me to do this.

Hi, I'm using Word 2K3 to do place cards for a reception. I have blank Avery
5302 tent cards (Staples equivalent), but Word doesn't list it in the mail
merge label options. (Not sure what to choose - it doesn't fit in any of the
listed categories). I downloaded the Avery 5302 template from the Avery site
(it's a Word doc) and tried to use it in Mail Merge, but several issues:

1. It only merges the first name in the data file.
2. Can't add graphics (only allows me to click in the middle where the name
goes) in the corners.

Tried saving it as a template and doing a directory mail merge, but it won't
see it in the mailmerge tab for a template.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you!

It seems kind of a simple application, use Word to produce postcards from 8
by 11.5 card stock and using mail merge. Either that or use four cells in
Excel. Any sympathy out there? Thanks.

I need to print a postcards using 4 cards per 8 1/2 x 11 paper. I want to
put merge specific data on the front of the card and the clients name and
mailing address on the back of the card. Can anyone walk me through the
steps to do this. I am not having any problems with the mail merge function,
I just can't figure out how to do the double sided merge. I do have duplex
printing capabilities

I need to mail merge postcards 4 up on a sheet but i need one file's list of
name and addresses merged to the first postcard....and another files
information placed on the card next to the first one and so on....ive been
told there is a way to do this and it's called a North South Split or Nth
Select. Does anyone know what im talking about?? Please help!!!
Any help would be appreciated

I am using mail merge to print off ID cards that are attached to a A4 card
using a list through excel. However because there are different numbers of
lines in the address section the rest of the text in the doc gets pushed down
or up. How can I prevent the different numbers of lines in the address
affecting the rest of the document? When the address gets pushed further
down it affects the details I want to print on the ID card.

Thanks in advance for yor help

I have a document that I wrote to produce a set of labels and it does a mail
merge. The merge works fine and the labels come out perfectly. I just want
to understand one thing.

Whenever I open the document, I get a warning message:

================================================== ============
"Opening this document will run the following SQL command:

SELECT * FROM `Members2006` ORDER BY `SequenceNumber` ASC

Data from your database will be placed in the document. Do you want to

(YES) (NO)
================================================== ============

When I press YES, I get a Microsoft Word dialog that says:

Membership_Cards.doc is a mail merge document. Word cannot find its data
source, C:..My Data SourcesMembers.mdb.

(Find Data Source...) (Options...)

If I click on Options..., it offers to "Remove Data/Header Source" or
"Remove All Merge Info".

Neither of those is quite what I want to do.

My document is creating membership cards for my club and I want the document
to point to a data source whose name includes the current year. For example,
in 2006, I want the document to open a table called Members2006 in my data
source. But in 2007, I want the document to open a table called Members2007.
And so on.

Is that possible? If so, how do I do modify my document to do that? I'm
willing to use a macro if I can't do it any other way.


I am using Word - Mail Merge with an address database in Excel. I want to
print 4 post cards on one sheet of 8.5x11 inches card stock which I will have
cut into the individual post cards after printing. I want to print four
different addresses on the 4 post cards (one address on each). Presently,
the same address appears on all 4 post cards and then the next sheet contains
the next sequential address on each of the 4 cards on that sheet.
How can I do what I want???
Thanks very much in advance.