perforated lines in document

I can't figure out why my MS Word program is showing perforated lines in the
perimeter of my header. It seems to be showing formatting only of perforated
lines throughout the document. Please help. I have an assignment for college
due tomorrow 1/11/09. This problem just materialized today.

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I have an extra line in a word document. It is not part of the regular
content. I tried removing and replacing footnote, endnote etc.

Have been unable to delete the extra line. Can someone please help me. Thanks!

I have a line in my document that I can't get rid of. It is always grayed
out no matter what I do. I have clicked the box that says show all
formatting and it is still grayed out. Any ideas about how to get rid of it?

Some how I turned on the document view that shows the return codes for each
line in my document. Cannot remember how to change this back. Have tried
the various Views, but this doesn't help.

If I bulletize a line in Word 2003, then all lines in the document become
bulletized, not just the single line.

Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

I need to create immovable lines in documents already created. Is there a way
I can code or create premanent lines that do not move when written upon
within a word document. ...Version 2003? What are the instructions do do this?
Thank you

I have a perforated line in my word doc and I can't delete it. I can't
highlight it or cut it or anthing. Please help me.

How do I insert lines into document that can be typed on to enter information
or for the person to enter their signature

I need to move from line to line in a document and to certain areas on some
lines. All the information is different, but the (bolded all cap headings
for each line are the same in the document) Such as in a template. How do I
do this without using my arrow up - down - left - or right key stroke each
and every time. For example:



NUMBER: (THEN HERE) and so on throughout the doument.


Some of the lines in my table are not displaying when I create a PDF from my
Word 2003 document. The lines do appear in Word, even when I go to Print
Preview they are showing up. But they disappear in the PDF. Other table lines
do show up, and they appear to have the same Borders and Shading settings as
the lines that disappear. What am I doing wrong?

I went to online to attempt to draw a room design graph. Not only
have I completely lost the design I had begun, but now every document (new
and existing) in Word has graph lines. How do I get rid of those lines?
Can someone please help me?

Hi all!

I've got stuck on a really silly question. I've got a document with
strange bold lines in it. They are not deletable, just movable (I can
drag them up and down). When I try to copy a paragraph above the line,
it is copied too. I'm really amiss, as I can't even imagine what it is
called to search Internet for a solution. Here is a screen of it:

I appreciate your help!

Please help...I've tried everything I can.

Whenever I open a new word document, or an existing document, I am seeing
horizontal lines running across the entire page. And, whenever I open a
newsletter from a template that I've been using, I see lines running
horizontally AND vertically, so that it looks like tiny little boxes all over
the page. This happens to me when I am in the "Print Layout View" and not
the "Normal" view. I open documents in Print layout view and I can only see
the lines in this view.

I've turned off the "Show Gridlines" option on the page, there is no
background on the documents, and I cannot select the lines.

With Office 2000 the document's title (found in Properties) would default
into the subject line of an email when the document was sent as an attachment
even if the document was saved with a different filename. For example, my
document's title is "Login Info", but I save the document with a different
filename, i.e., "username.doc". In the past, "Login Info" would default into
the subject line.

With Office 2003 the document's filename defaults into the subject line, so
now the subject line defaults to "username.doc". Is there a way to set
Office 2003 to cause the document title to once again default into the
subject line in an Outlook email?


I have a line in my document created by typing three asteriks and then
return. there is absolutely no way I have found to delete this line. I can
move it to another page....but I can't delete it. help please.

How do I make a double line in a document?

I'm working on a document and I have a line in the document in several
places. It is not an underline. It just appears and I cannot delete it.
Can anyone tell me what this is and how to get rid of it.

Hi can anyone tell me how to insert vertical lines in a word document so that
they will be printed thus enabling blank box type spaces to be created (not
cells) to be filled in by hand written words

I was typing and used an autocorrect "bn." Then every line in this 27 page
document has a number on it...and it messed up all the formatting. Anyone
have any clues how to fix this. thanks in advance.

Why is line spacing different between printers in document... Office 2003

I have used Office 2000 and so on for years in the past. Now, when I am
setting up a document the line spacing seems to depend on the printer. With
one printer I need to use single line spacing and on another I'd need to use
..65 spacing to achive same results. THis has not happened before on my
previous PC using the same printers & drivers. This means I need to format
the document to the printer. I am aware there are slight changes when a
different printer is selected but this cause a 2 page document to go up to
2-3/4 pages... way out of wack.

Printers are Phasar 850
Epson 900
Canon Pixma 4000