Mail Merge from excel "-" instead of number zero and "()" for neg

Two questions for numbers from excel datasource

How do I change a "0" from a dash "-"?

How do I show negative currency number as $(25.46) or ($45.67)?

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when i am mail merging from excel i sometimes get 0 where the house number
should be. this does not happen on every number.

When doing a mail merge using Excel as a flat file and having calculated
numbers formatted to two decimal points, Word imports these numbers but
looses the format to several chracters after the decimal point.
What should one do?
Many thanks for anybody that can help - Paul

Paul Kendall

I have set up an appointment card in word that mail merges from excel. the
appointment date in excel is in UK format i.e. 20-05-2004. My word is set up
as UK language yet on merge it reverts back to US style date. Using Office

How do I set sup a mail merge from Excel to Word if the system cannot find my
database? My database is in Excel and Word is finding the other databases in
Excel except the one I need to use. The connection was there at one time,
and now it cannot be found.

I know I must be just a step or two away from resolving this thing -
let's hope this one's easy for someone out there.

My friend has an Excel 2007 spreadsheet for a mailing list she keeps.
She updates this spreadsheet once or twice a month and wants to print
labels from it using mail merge, but would like it as automated as
possible. I'm assuming this must be done with a macro.

I can get the mail merge to work correctly if I do it manually;
however if I record a macro of the merge process, it seems to freeze
the spreadsheet in time to that moment and any subsequent updates to
the list are not reflected in the next mail merge.

After perusing this newsgroup a bit and Googling for various results,
I've tried a few things but cannot get it to work. I've tried creating
an ODBC data source from the spreadsheet (which was missing a key
field when I tried to link to it) and I've tried importing the data
into Access or Outlook instead (not going to work either).

Once I solve this issue of the data not being updated in the merge,
then I need to make the merge creation process as streamlined as
possible for my friend (a computer novice). The advice I found on the
Web was to create a Word shortcut using the /t and /m switches to load
a new file and start the macro. I'm envisioning this to be the
simplest way for her to access her labels. Does that sound about

Many thanks for any feedback you can offer. I'm banging my head
against the wall on this one.

I am trying to do a mail merge from Excel to Word. The numbers I am using in
Excel are the results of calculations, and consequently, when I import them
into word, go on for upwards of 6 decimal places. I want the number to be
imported with 2 decimal places only. I´ve tried everything I can think of to
do this. I´ve changed the formatting in excel (which doesn´t help, as
apparently even though the number shows it only has 2 decimal places, Excel
stores the actual number). I´ve also tried copying the information from
Excel into notepad, but notepad is smart enough that it, too, uses the actual
number and not the formatted one.

If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it.



I am merging from excel to word and trying to bring in a cell that is very
large (company description) and the merge is cutting off the description
after a certain number of characters... any ideas how to stop that from

I recently upgraded to Word 2003. I am using a template and an Excel
database which I have used before to mail merge labels. However, when I
select the database for merging in Word 2003, I get the following options:
OLE Database Files
Excel Worksheet via Converter
MS Excel Worksheets via DDE
Excel Files via ODBC

I have been selecting converter, because i don't know what any of the others
mean. However, the final merge document is only one page, even though all
258 names on the spreadsheet are selected. Can anyone help? Why can't I use
the spreadsheet in its original form as I was able to do in Word 2000.

I am working on a mail merge from an MS Excel (Office 2002 SP3)
spreadsheet into Word (Office 2002 SP3). The merge itself is working
well. Generally, when I open up a Word file that contains a mail
merge, the Excel file with the merge data opens automatically.
However, sometimes the Excel file doesn't open automatically. Is
there some setting or work around to force the Excel file to open

When starting a mail merge from access to word 2003, word prompts for
location of the data source every time even though the merge has been saved.
This behaviour is new with word 2003 and did not occur with word 2000.
Microsoft acknowledged the problem and provided an update (885832 & 887979)
but this didn't have any effect. Any suggestions???

On which code line is the error occurring?

Which version of Word is involved?

Are you certain the selection is in the appropriate position, when all this
starts, and that you actually have a label sheet in Word? I ask, because this
looks like macro recorder code, and recording a macro doesn't do the entire
job for creating a label sheet from scratch...

-- Cindy

"John Hutcins" wrote:

I am trying to do a Word MailMerge from within an Excel VBA macro.
This is where the macro is stopping with a Run time Error of 450 Wrong
Number of Arguments or Invalid Property Assignment. With the mail merge
wizard this is the step where it is at 'arrange labels' then select 'more
items'. This adds the Labels and VinUnit to the first field on the label

'Layout of labels
wrd.ActiveDocument.Fields.Add Range:=Selection.Range,
Type:=wdFieldMergeField _
, Text:="""Labels"""
wrd.ActiveDocument.Fields.Add Range:=Selection.Range,
Type:=wdFieldMergeField _
, Text:="""VinUnit"""

Any ideas as to what is wrong?

after mail merge, I can't get the percentage to format correctly. I have
checked confirm conversion at home, tried MS excel worksheets via DDE, and
changed to text, edited the fields. Nothing seems to be working. The
closest I've gotten was that it showed the percent but had the decimal point
at the beginning on of the number, i.e. ".44%" instead of "44%".

how to print preceeding zeros in postal codes of mail merge from excel
list when that excel field is formated as zip code and excel prints
excel field zip code 01035
merge field zip code 1035

I have set up an Excel sheet containing data for student reports consisting
of a diamond character from wingdings2 font set. The purpose of it is to
place a mark on a progress bar in a Word file that I have set up specifically
for it. However when I do the mail merge, the merge fields corresponding to
empty cells in the Excel sheet show a wierd character (a square) instead of
nothing or a blank. Also, I noticed that some of the fields disappear
completely. I am using Office 2003 on an XP SP2 platform. Does anyone have an
idea about the cause of my misery? The reports are due very soon!!!!!

Using Word 2000 - attempting to create mail labels from one particular Excel
document. At the point where I must "Insert Merge Field" into the Sample
Label, Word will not read/recognize my column labels (Name, Address,
CityState, Zip) from the Excel doc., and instead only offers me a choice of
"AutoField", "AutoField1", etc. I have created labels in Word from _other_
Excel documents, but it continues to give me problems with this ONE Excel
document. Do I have some kind of embedded codes that are causing the
problem? I have put a cell border around the column labels in Excel, and
bolded them to differentiate them from the data cells.

Thanks for all your help.

I am trying to create labels from an excel spreadsheet containing names and
addresses. I use the mail merge wizard in word. I should end up with 3 and a
half sheets of labels (30 labels to a sheet). Instead, I'm ending up with
125 as it is putting one record on each page!


I have a list of contacts that I created in mail merge which I would like to
use to create an Excel worksheet. Is there a way to export from mail merge
to Excel?

We are using XP, and Office XP and unable to do a mail merge from inside
Word. The data file is an Excel spreadsheet. When going to Tools/Letters &
Mailings/Mail Merge/Use existing list
A box pops up which says "Data Link Properties" with tabs for "Provider,
Connection, Advanced, & All".
If I do test connnection, it fails with the error "Test connection failed
because of an error in initializing provider. Catastrophic Failure"
If we do not run the test and try to continue to the mail merge, Word
crashes and restarts. Either way we do not get a mail merge.

I'm thinking it has to do with the provider settings. I have tried to change
this and I have managed to get a connection but when make any further
attempts to continue - I only get an error message or the merge screen leaves.

I'm using Microsoft office 2003.

In Excel, I have a column of dates which are formatted as UK ones (e.g. 2nd
July: 02/07/2007) but when this column is mail-merged into Word it's coming
out with the month first (e.g. 07/02/2007).

Even more bizarre, a second Excel column, which is a date from an IF
function, is going into Word the right way round - even though it has exactly
the same formatting as the first one.

Please help!