Word 2003 files slow to close

Hi everyone --

Within the last few days my Mcirosoft Word 2003 files have become very slow
to close. When I have a file -- regardless of how big -- open and go to close
it, there is a long delay and often the text disappears and then I have to
close another Word window.

Also I am frequently having files that won't close at all -- no response.
The words jumble and the window picks up pieces from my desktop, rearranging,
swirling text.

Any ideas as to why my Word 2003 is doing this?

Thanks for any feedback.

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I just recently upgraded to Word 2003 and have noticed that normal.dot appears at the top of the recently used file list all the time. Also, word is very slow to close as it always flashes to a blank document (normal.dot I think) a couple of times then closes altogether.

I think this started happening when I changed the location of where word looks for normal.dot. I have changed it back to the original location but the same thing is still happening.

Thanks for any help

Scott Schaffer
Olive Waller Zinkhan & Waller

I am using MS Word 2003, and have 2 issues. I lost both these capabilities
once I upgraded to 2003.

1. I am using dual monitors on my system. How can I open a New file, or
open multiple Word files in separate windows that would allow me to move the
additional windows onto my 2nd monitor? Word 2003 allows me to open mulitple
files, however, each time a new file is opened, it's superceded within the
same working window. I was able to work using multiple windows prior to 2003,
and had full control of where I positioned my files between both my monitors.
The only way to access multiple files now is to toggle within Windows menu,
but this is frustrating if you need to modify multiple Word files and need to
see the source info from other Word files. For some reason, I cannot move
my 2nd, 3rd, etc. files outside of Words working area in order to position
them onto my second monitor screen.

2. I lost the feature of being able to use Drag and Drop in Word. My
settings in "Options" do have the feature checkbox ON, however, when I try to
drag and drop in my word file, I get a status message " Cannot drop at
current location".

My Vista laptop came with a trial version of Word 2007 installed. I have been
using Word 2003 for some time now and it works fine for me. Somehow, and I am
not quite sure how it happened, my Word 2003 files were converted to Word
2007. To the best of my knowledge I didn't do anything to request this, but I
suspect I probably unknowingly did just that. I would like to know how this
could have happened and how to switch them back to Word 2003.
I know I am highly blessed.....

For some reason, Word 2003 has slowed upon opening. It gives me the splash
screen and from there it opens very slowly. I've deleted and reinstalled my
printer, checked my fonts, and can find no reason for it to be opening
slowly. Can someone advise me of what else I mght try?

Randy Davis

When I try to open a word 2003 file in word 2007 i lose some of the data what
do I need to do


I am getting, when generating Table of Contents (ToC) and Table of Figures

"Error! Hyperlink reference not valid"

in Word 2003 after converting to HTML (I Saved As... in both 'filtered' and
regular HTML.) and then saving again as a DOC file.

BTW, In the Options dialog for both ToC and ToF, I made sure that the
appropriate style names were checked

any suggestions?



PS: my reason for doing the HTML saves, in the first place, was to solve a
problem wherein I could not succesfully get working ToC and ToF hyperlinks
to show up, for certain files, after converting to PDF using Acrobat
Professional 7.

How can I retrieve original text in Word 2003 file after new word file was
saved as that first Word 2003 file replacing the original text in it?

Is there a way to convert Word 2003 files saved as XML to Word 2007 XML
schema, WordprocessingML? Preferably an automate-able process, I have
several thousands files that need to be converted.
Browse http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/ and vote.
Microsoft MVP, Visual Developer - Visual C#

I have a Word 2003 file that fits on one 8.5x11 page. But other users on my
network open the same file and it appears on two pages. To the other user/s
the page appears to have squished turning text that appears on a single line
to appearing on two lines.
I have been able to compare their Word 2003 settings with mine and they are

So the question is why would the same file appear different when all
settings are exactly the same on both computers?

We have two computers at work that are still running word 2003 all the others
are word 2007. When I create a file on one computer in word 2003 and try to
open it in word 2007 it opens as read only. The original file is not open.
I have tried updating to Office SP3, cleared the office registry options and
everything else I can think of and have read about online. The computer in
question has XP home and Norton 360 as antivirus.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Word 2007 will not let me open Word 2003 files that are encrypted. Does
anyone know how to fix this?

2 weeks ago I lost the ability to email a document from microsoft word 2003,
file,send to, mail recipient (as attachment). i dragged the command back
into my 'send to' choices. it used to be there up to a couple weeks ago. now
it stays gray in color and won't let me use the command by turning black.

How do I convert a MS Word 2003 file into a .pdf file?

I need a Word 2003 help INDEX to help undo all the automatic formatting
changes in the new version of Word. Not only are there unasked for changes,
but the help is much harder to use so getting rid of them is harder.

I created two Word 2003 files. #1 has 21,120 words/115,251 characters
w/spaces. When saved, this file is 1.25 MB in size. #2 has 20,199
words/116,077 characters w/spaces but, after saving, is 10.8 MB in size. I
can find no difference in the files when reviewing in Properties. Why the
Thanks much, MKG

I can open a word 2003 file HELP


I purchased a new system with Vista home/student pre-loaded. I then purchased
and loaded Office 2007 - and it has worked fine for 18 months. Recently
however, Word 2007 has slowed to the point where I'm nearing insanity. It
shows typed text, but it's delayed by about 10 keystrokes, and the little
blue circle thing seems always to be spinning around...

I can USE most software, but I don't know where to begin with
trouble-shooting or fixing problems. Please Help!

My version of Microsoft Word 2003 is extremely slow opening existing files
and then closing files once I have completed my work.

When I open many doc files in word 2003 simutaneously, let all files window
minimize,then restore them as maximum, the word 2003 will be auto closed. How
to solve this problem? thanks a lot.