How do I write an appeal for section 8 housing?

I need some input and direction on how to word an appeal for losing my
section 8 voucher. I have now 9 days from today to write an appeal. The
office is saying, that I turned my required information needed into the
office after the deadline, which is not true. I was given a list of
information needed from me to turn in to them (section 8) by a certain date,
which I did and they said they did not receive one item (birth certificate).

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I need to write an appeal for my healthcare benefits being canceled a 2nd
time in the past 3 months, due to my case worker not informing me of what she
needs. She isn't doing her job right and I'm the one going without healhcare
at a crucial time. Please help me

How do i write an email using word without going through mail merge?

how do i set an adress for my internet site, i made an internet site and i
dunno how to set Eg.

I have a document that is divided into sections, and each section needs to be
numbered separately while also keeping the page numbers running in order. For
example, I have a section named 01000 with three pages that I need to be
numbered 01000-1 thorugh 3; the next section is named 01001 with four pages
that need to be numbered 01001-1 through 4. The individual pages also need to
have their respecctive page numbers on them. The last page needs to indicate
in the footer that it is page 01001-4 and also that it is page 7. How do I do
this? Thank you.

How do you reference, an essay for university? I have been told that using
this version of Word is a lot easier for referencing, but so far I have drawn
a blank. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you

How do I write a general contract? I need to do work for a client that will
take some time so I want to present a Contract for signatures.

In a scholarly article the authors name is footnoted with an asterisk and
footnote gives a brief bio of the author. The next footnote starts with
number 1 and is consecutive after that. How do I get that 1st footnote to be
an asterisk and the next and subsequent ones to be numbers?

I made an index in Word, and I would like to transfer it over to a webpage,
but with links instead of page numbers! How do I do this??? help me, its due
in a few hours

How do I rotate an entire table in Microsoft Word?

I'm using word2007.
How do I build an autotext library (like in word2000)?

how do i write a petition

how do I change field codes for mail mergers (labels)?
I need to enter last name, first name, MI...
It's screwed up!

How do I create a template for making a small booklet (pocket) Booklet has
printing on front and back pages.

How do I place an address, a firm name, or the word DRAFT in the left margin
of a Word document? This relates to legal documents.

How do I insert an excell spreadsheet into a word document in office 2007?

How do I justify an MS Word document on both sides (left and right) at the
same time? I see justify left and justify right, but not both sides to make
it look like a news paper article. In an older version of Word or Works this
was possible.

how do i recover an unsaved word document when my pc crashed?

How do I encircle an answer of a Multiple choice question?