MS Word suddenly not working

All of sudden, sometime within the last few days, Microsoft Word has stopped
working. Whenever I try to open a Word document (or just Word) a window
opens that
says "Microsoft Word for Windows has encountered a problem and needs to
We are sorry for the inconvenience." None of my documents, which so recently
were able to open, can open any longer.

I have restarted my computer multiple times and also attempted to open word
documents on a flash drive that I know to contain sound documents. Still
Word won't
work. I can open these documents if I right click and select open with

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The horizontal and vertical scrollbars in my Microsoft Word have stopped
working. This only affects Word - no other Office applications. You can
right-click and select "Scroll here" and it will work, but you are not able
to click and drag either scrollbar to scroll through a document. It's like
they are frozen in place. I have tried running a repair on office,
recreating the file and restoring all the default settings with no
luck. Any ideas?

Hi ,

my user has a MS Word embedded with a powerpt file that was created in a
version earlier than office 2002. while he has no problem opening the ms
word, when he dbl-click on the powerpt file , he got the following message :
"The server application , source file , or item cannot be found.
Make sure the application is properly installed , and that it has not been
deleted , moved , or renamed"

Can anyone advise ?

tks & rdgs

Last week i was trying to convert a Word document to PDF. Till then the word
was working properly. But after that i am not able to open the word documents
which i get it in emails. First i have to save it in a folder then open it.
After that when i try to close the word it gives me error message " MS Word
has stopped working" it will restart with a blank page and pop up with
Problem solving page. i unistalled and re-installed MS Office, but still i
have the same problem. I am using Windows Vista Home Premium Edition with MS
office 2007. So, I would really appreciate if you can help me out on this.

System configuration:
HP Pavilion DV6000
Processor Intel core
ram: 2GB
System type 32 bit operating system

microsoft word is not working .
Found error -selection is locked.
please unlock the selection so that it start working again

User has office 97. The spellcheck in word is not working. Spelling and
grammar are missing from the tools menu, when he clicks on the spellcheck
icon nothing happens, and the spelling and grammar tab is greyed out in
options. When I reinstalled office and was logged on as myself with
administrator rights the spellcheck works and I can see spelling and grammar
in the tools menu. When the user logs back on the problem is still there.
His version of office was installed from CD by a local engineer. I have to
reinstall it from the server where all our software is stored, so I can't
check which components need adding from the control panel as I get a message
to insert the office cd. Any ideas? Thanks!

my treasure in the review of microsoft word is not working im using windows

I am unable to access the help function in MS Word. When I attempt to do so,
I am notified of a setup error and receive the following error message:

"CL View can't display help. CL View cannot install the necessary files due
to Windows Installer error 33. The process cannot access the file because
another process has locked a portion of the file."

Does anyone know what this means? MS Word is the only program in the Office
Suite that is giving me any trouble with help.

Thanks in advance, Mike

spell check in word does not work. grammar check does work, but misspelled
words are missed. no red wavy line...nothing happens at all

Suddenly I find that my "word count" is not working. It is showing all zeros.

Is there a way to reset it to count?

All of a sudden my mouse does not work in MS word. The keyboard works but
not the mouse. I can't click or highlight anywhere in a document or use the
scroll bar.
The most seems to work everywhere else outside od MS Word (2003).
Any idea what is going on?

Yesterday, I downloaded an MS Word file that was password-protected. The
download went fine, without any warnings or alerts from my firewall of any
sort. I opened the file with the password that had been communicated to me by
other means, and it opened on the instant.

But in that same instant, some score of MS Word files and/or directories
that I had open or had recently been working with suddenly and inexplicably
disappeared. The folders are now empty, the files are nowhere to be found,
and my backup system has failed to restore them, I know not why.

Moreover, two truly weird things started happening immediately thereafter:
MS Word will not save any file whatsoever now with a .doc extender, although
it will save the same file with/as .rtf, and all the zip files that were in
those directories that were otherwise unaffected now demand a password, when
I know for a fact, because I had used them earlier, they were not

Finally, a flash drive that my other computers read with no problems, the MS
Word files included, is "Folder Empty" every time I try to open files with MS
Word on my main computer.

I would deeply be grateful for any help.

Hello -

I am having this same issue with 2 users in my office. Everyone else
is working fine. We do not use any macros at all and these are default
installations of Office 2003.

For these 2 users when they set the number of copies in print dialog
box it works. Every print job after that remains set at the number of
copies, MS Word does not default back to 1 copy. This is only
happening in MS Word, excel, powerpoint are working fine.

The number of copies in printer properties is set to 1 copy.

If I delete the template them MS Word works as normal the
next time they start up but once they have changed the number of
copies this problem happens again.

Recently MS Word 2007 stopped working. I did upload the service packs for
Office 2007 & Vista recently. When googled the topic, old comments suggested
going to REGEDIT and deleting the Data file, but I have been reluctant to do
that. Help.

I'm using Word from Office Home and Student 2007 with Vista Home Premium. It
was working perfectly until about 5 days ago. I have not installed anything
different. It used to show a counter where it was counting the words of the
document and then the documant would open. Now it shows a blank screen with
the counter at zero. The document itself is not empty. It still shows the
appropriate number of kbs on the desktop.

I went online to try to diagnose, repair, and update. It told me that I had
all of the Microsoft updates. (By the way, this might or might not be
related, but other Microsoft updates keep asking me to download them even
though they installed successfully.) I uninstalled and then re-installed
Office 2007 and by doing so I had to purchase a new product key since I
misplaced the first one. Still nothing helped.

I did notice that if I clicked on the Microsoft icon in the upper lefthand
corner of the blank document, I could see a menu of my recent documents and
even search in an explorer type of menu system. In that roundabout way I
could open the files. But if I tried it the normal way, I still got the blank

When I would close the blank document, it said Word has stopped working,
that it was trying to recover the data, and that it was searching online for
a solution. That only brought me back to the suggestion to update which I had
already done. I even did antivirus and antispyware scans. There is nothing
wrong with the documents themselves. I opened them on someone else's computer
that had Word 2007 and they opened without a problem. I would like to be able
to open my documents in one step the way I used to.

Sorry this was so long. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have a document created in an earlier version of MS Word. I now use MS
Office Professional 2007. Regardless the document itself will not work with
spell check. Word tells me everything is correct. I have read the blogs and
tried all the suggestions, language boxes, options for spelling, re-loaded
software, updates and nothing is helping in this one document which is not
“protected or locked” I can make changes to it just no mistakes or the are
not caught by spell check. I do not wish to re-type this whole document, any

A student of mine must have hit on a keystroke to disable word wrap
for his MS word 2003, because now all of the text will not wrap at the
edge of the screen. How can I enable this again?

I have the same problem using Windows XP and Word 2000. This has also been
reported to me using Windows XP and Word 2003.
The URL i'm trying to reach is:

If I try to open the same link from Open Office and it's work fine, but not
from MS Word. I have also try to open:
and it's also work fine from Open Office.

Starting Internet Explorer from the DOS-prompt also work:
"C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe"

The problem seems to be in Word 2000 and 2003 and how it's handling Internet
Explorer, or?

"Suzanne S. Barnhill" wrote:

I have had this experience when the URL in Word leads to a page containing a
REFRESH command (which redirects you to a different page). Presumably this
is a security feature. When you enter the address directly into your
browser, the REFRESH behaves as intended. A properly written REFRESH will
include enough of a delay for users to know what is going on and (for
situations like this) text such as "This page has been moved. If you are not
automatically directed to the new page within x seconds, click here," with
the new URL linked to the "click here."

Note that when I tried pasting the URL in IE, the page I ultimately reached
was in fact

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA
Word MVP FAQ site:
Email cannot be acknowledged; please post all follow-ups to the newsgroup so
all may benefit.

"MikeSandersWebEx" wrote in
message ...
Using Word and IE, after cut and paste or typing the following URL into a
Word doc, clicking on the URL goes to Page Cannot Be Found (Cannot Find

Refreshing IE or typing the URL directly in the address bar resolves the
issue and finds the site.

Why does the first click on the URL in the Word Doc not work.

Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I have the exact same
problem now.

big sky wrote:
*I am running Windows XP and Office 2003 Pro. I have run
for several months with no similar problem.

I am unable to get the "paste" function to work after
copying something from any document outside MS Word
itself. The function worked flawlessly until about a week
ago, when the completion of the "paste" function began to
be agonizingly slow. Yesterday, the "paste" function
failed to complete the "paste" at all.

"Copy" and "paste" work ouside MS Word, or within MS Word,
but not from outside to a MS Word document.

The copied text shows on the clipboard, but when
the "paste" icon, or from any other "paste" function key,
is selected, the hourglass appears, MS Word freezes, and I
have to shut down MS Word to regain control of MS Word.

Re-starts, unplugging from all power sources, disk clean-
ups, none of these correct the problem. Help is needed.
Thanks. *

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I was just wondering how I can take MS Word macros for form letters and
memorandums that are installed on the system at work and utilize them on my
home computer so I can do work at my house. I was able to locate the macros
themselves and place them on a usb drive, but I cannot figure out how to use
them in Windows on my home computer. Thanks for the help!